Two Lies Tuesday

In honor of my first Chicks blog post (!!!!), I’d like to introduce a little game I call “Two Lies Tuesday.” If you’ve ever played “Two Truths and a Lie,” then you’ll know exactly what to do. You’ll just do it in reverse. Read on to see if you can catch me in a lie.

As anyone who’s lived in L.A. will tell you, celeb sightings are a dime a dozen. Celebs are to L.A. what zombies are to The Walking Dead. They’re everywhere. The Grove. The grocery store. The car next to you at the light. Of course, that doesn’t make every sighting memorable. But in honor of my main character’s celeb-obsessed BFF, Sienna, I wanted to share one of my favorite celebrity encounters.

Can you guess which of the following actually happened to me?

Option 1: I got stuck in an elevator with the Rock.

Option 2: I took a grad school class with James Franco.

Option 3: I heckled Jake Gyllenhaal.

Take your time trying to guess which one is the lie. I’ll wait.


Did you say Option 1?

Sorry. I’m not that lucky.

Did you say Option 2?

Nope. He actually does teach at my alma mater—USC—though!

Did you say Option 3?

Vanity Fair Cover Italian 2008

Ding! Ding!

My friend and I were walking up Runyon Canyon, which is like the hiking trail version of that person you kind of hate but still can’t stop talking about. If it were human, its name would be R.C. Kardashian-Trump.

According to, it looks like this:

Runyon Canyon

You can imagine me trying to get up that hill.  I was huffing. I was puffing. I was not threatening to blow the house down. (Mainly because I couldn’t talk.) I turn around and see this guy biking—yes, biking—up the hill behind me wearing full bicycle gear complete with matching helmet and without a single drip of sweat on him.  Needless to say, I was a bit perturbed.

I immediately look right at him and say the first thing that pops into my head: “Wow. You have a bike. You’re serious.”

It was around the word “bike” that my brain was like, “Shut up! You’re talking to Jake Gyllenhaal, you idiot!” But by that time, my mouth had already committed to being as much of a smart-ass as possible. 

Jake? Well, he didn’t seem that mad. He proceeded to give me a smirk before riding on past us up the hill.

Me? I was that mad. At myself. Not because I was attempting to “bike-shame” Jake Gyllenhaal. I was more mad that I totally violated the L.A.-resident policy of seeing a celebrity and acting like they don’t exist!

6 thoughts on “Two Lies Tuesday

  1. I used to run into Christie Brinkley so often in NY (in the 80s) that she actually smiled and said hi to me on a plane once. She was even more gorgeous in person. Sigh.


  2. Oh my, love your story!! I visited my bestie in LA but failed to bring canyon friendly shoes so we didn’t go. But yeah, I would have been huffy and sweaty and saucy to the bike celeb.


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