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You never forget your first…

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So here it is: my very first blog post. Ever. For all the things I’ve written in my life—and man, there’s a list that could go on for days—a blog has never been one of them. And while we’ve been warming up together writing group blog posts (like What’s your favorite mystery? and What inspired you to write your series?), this is the first time I’ve taken the mic all by myself. Kind of like at karaoke when you graduate from shouting out the lyrics of “Love Shack” in a group of twenty people to doing a solo of “These Boots Are Made For Walking.”

Okay, so before this turns into a blog post about karaoke—it’s a slippery slope, people—let’s talk for a moment about how four writers spread out literally from coast to coast ended up writing a blog together.

I blame Lisa.

Lisa and I met through the online chapter of Sisters in Crime known as the Guppies and struck up a correspondence. By the time we went to Left Coast Crime last March, we were devoted penpals, so we agreed to meet up for dinner the night before the conference started. Turns out I wasn’t the only Guppy who Lisa had become virtual BFFs with. She had also struck up a friendship with Ellen—whom I remembered from the previous LCC because we’d sat next to each other in a panel—and with Kellye, whom I’d never met but with whom I share a lot in common. (She heckled Jake Gyllenhaal on a hill, I made Mena Suvari uncomfortable on an elevator just by looking at her… it’s like we’re TWINS!)

Anyway, the four of us are all at very similar points in our mystery writing careers, so we’re taking this journey together. We haven’t yet managed to have all of us in the same place at the same time, but I can only imagine the hilarity that might will ensue when that happens. (There might even be karaoke.) For now, I’ll have to content myself with smaller victories, such as the fact that we’ve done enough posts for there to be a link at the bottom of our home page that says “Older Posts.” I can’t help but feel that, somehow, we’ve arrived.

Oh, one other thing: something else the four of us have in common is that we love to connect with other people. We’re a friendly group, so say hi in the comments below, let us know what topics you’d like us to blog about in the future—or at the very least tell us your favorite song to sing at karaoke.

14 thoughts on “You never forget your first…

  1. Thanks, Marla–I gladly accept the blame! My one and only karaoke song is I Think I Love You. (True fact!) By the way, what exactly did you do to poor Mena?

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    • I swear I didn’t do anything except occupy the same elevator. She looked terrified that I might, you know, speak to her or something. So I didn’t. To be fair, she was headed to the gym, so she might have been feeling extra vulnerable. (The Crunch on Sunset is a great place for awkward star sightings!)

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