I Ain’t No #FollowBack Girl…

The way I see it, there are two types of people in this world: Those who follow back. And those who don’t. Which one are you?


Confession: I’m not a big Twitter person. I much prefer Instagram and Facebook. For me, Twitter is about retweeting my friends’ books and sending whiny DMs to people that I could easily just email.

However, I always feel an intense pressure whenever someone I don’t know follows me on Twitter. I have to ask myself one hard question: Am I going to follow back?

It’s almost like Christmas. I get the notice that someone’s followed me. Then the anticipation builds as I make my way to Twitter, click on their page and say a quick prayer: “Please don’t let them be a crazy who only tweets about peanut butter or likes to spam you with retweets.”

For some reason, I feel super guilty if I don’t follow someone back. Like some stranger in Anytown, USA is going to be looking on their Twitter with tears in their eyes while saying, “Why doesn’t Kellye like me? Why? Why? Why?”

However, I have trained myself to ignore my random guilt and not automatically hit the follow button.

Don’t get me wrong. I do follow back probably 75% of the people who follow me, but it’s not automatic. I tend to accept writers off the bat—especially if you write mysteries. Writing is not for the faint of heart and we need to stick together (and read each other’s tweets)!!!!

Isn’t this graphic cool? I found it here: http://thenextweb.com/twitter/2015/08/27/aaaaand-breathe/#gref

On the other hand, I definitely will not follow you back if you follow more than 10,000 people. A girl has to have standards, you know? It makes me feel like you just want me to follow you back to boost your Twitter numbers. You don’t care anything about my super amazing tweets! (Cue dramatic music and me screaming: “I’m more than just a number! I’m a human being with feelings! Feelings, I tell you!”)

On the flip side, I will unfollow someone, no problem. If I had to pick a Twitter mortal enemy (a Twittnemy?), it would be the person who follows you and then unfollows you after you follow them. You follow what I’m saying?? You will be immediately unfollowed and I will feel good about myself because now I’m imagining you noticing that your Twitter follower went down by one person so it’s at 8,736. And that one person is me!!

Sometimes it’s just the little victories in life.

Readers, drop us a note in the comments below! Do you automatically follow back? 

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6 thoughts on “I Ain’t No #FollowBack Girl…

  1. I love Twitter and follow people who I want to interact with. I retweet sparingly when I really want to share something because the fastest way for me to unfollow or mute is to use Twitter as primarily a promotional tool.

    I’m trying to be more active on Instagram. I got a new phone with better camera, but I have no idea what to do with it since I’ve never been a big photographer.

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