Kellye Garrett

Photo Finish: Kellye has actual author photos!

So in my eternal quest to feel like a “real author,” I got official author photos taken a couple of weeks ago. The photo I’ve been using was actually the result of acting as a stand-in at work to help our staff photographer get ready to photograph a much more important person. Here it is…

Kellye Garrett for Chicks

It was taken during my first week of work. That is the only reason why I have on makeup. I clearly didn’t put on lipstick, though. As much as I loved it, I wanted a “real” author photo, one with, yes, lipstick. Since one of my best friends, Carucha L. Meuse, is a professional photographer, we headed to a local New Jersey park where we battled 90 degree weather, a Bridezilla and her bridal party, and a whole lot of Pokemon Go players.

Though I can’t debut my actual author photos yet—I’m still waiting for them to be thoroughly airbrushed—I did want to share a few of my favorites. I’ll let you guess why I didn’t end up choosing them.

Outtake 1

My “Is There Something in My Teeth?” Look.

Outtake 4

My “This Would Have Made a Great Author Photo in the 1980s” Look.



Outtake 5

My “I Don’t Know How Beyonce Makes Wind Blowing in Her Hair Look So Good” Look.

Outtake 6

My “Look Y’all, I’m Squatting in Heels!” Look.

And finally…

Outtake 7

My “I’m Still Way Too Excited I Was Not Only Able to Squat in Heels but Get Up Without Assistance!!!” Look.


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