The Chicks’ hot wheels…

Mercedes, Rolls, Teslas… are what we’d love to drive. Here are our actual wheels.

  Marla Cooper

CotC Marla Cooper

What I drive now is pretty boring, so I’d like to take a moment to wax nostalgic about vehicles I have loved. When I was in college, I bought a shiny yellow moped that I adored. One day a girl stepped out in front of me, so I tooted my horn to let her know that she had literally wandered out into traffic. Honking turned out to be the wrong choice, because instead of hurrying out of our way, she froze in her tracks. I wasn’t able to stop in time and, well, I hit her. She walked away unscathed, which just goes to show that a pedestrian can do more damage to a moped than vice versa. My boss took pity on me and loaned me his vintage Chevy pickup truck that he kept around for hauling large items. Someone had painted it burnt orange — with a paint brush — and it had begun to fade and chip, showing through glimmers of its original color. Which was teal. Oh, and the brakes were slowly starting to fail. So for about a year, I drove an orange teal truck that got about three miles to the gallon and that I had to coast to a stop. These days, I drive a Prius. It’s charcoal gray. Between you and me? I miss the truck.

Lisa Q. Mathews

CotC Word balloonsSomeday you WILL see me behind the wheel of a 1967 Jaguar XKE–banana yellow (think they call it primrose) convertible with black top and interior.  My dad loved cars, and every two years he’d trade in his current baby for a new color and model. When he brought the yellow one home, I spent that first night sleeping in the garage, curled up in the tiny space behind the driver and passenger seats. Eventually my dad traded it, after a longer run than the others. I begged him not to, but he muttered  something whenever he saw other silver-haired  guys around town like, “old sport, new car.” As a woman, I have no such qualms. I’ve already got the Jackie O sunglasses and Grace Kelly scarf, which look really stupid with our official NH state car: an ice blue Subaru.

Kellye Garrett


I’ve already shared my love of the 2017 Bentley Bentayga SUV. I’m sure you’re extremely shocked (!!!!) to learn that I don’t, in fact, own a Bentley. In reality, I drive a maroon Honda Element that my grandpa gave me about 5 years ago (#Spoiled #DontHate). Although it wouldn’t be my first choice car (I clearly have much more expensive tastes.) I appreciate how safe it makes me feel. It’s All-Wheel-Drive and very boxy, which makes it well equipped for inclement bad weather. Plus, it’s basically a compact SUV, which allows me look down on the peons as I’m driving.

Ellen Byron


My family has three cars. La di da, right? Wrong. One is a 16-year-old Mazda MPV minivan with peeling paint and cracked leather seats. But it’s so incredibly useful that I can’t imagine life without it. And oh, those electric sliding doors. The second car is a 14-year-0ld Mazda Protege we bought from my mom after my dad passed away. It’s another beater, but perfect for our teen daughter who’s learning to drive. (And begging us for a car where the AC and electrical system actually work. Yeah, right. Good luck, honey!) And the third car is what we like to call the Mercedes – but is actually a 2015 Honda Civic that is such a step up from the other two vehicles that it might as well be a luxury car.

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6 thoughts on “The Chicks’ hot wheels…

  1. Marla, I remember that truck, and it was awesome, but you were so cute on your yellow moped, with your little yellow helmet. And Lisa, you might have to fight me for the XKE. An old favorite.

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  2. I used to think I wanted a red Mercedes two-seater. My son, then 4, had a Mercedes Hot Wheels car that was blue. The little darling painted it red and gave it to me. That’s my favorite car. It sits on my dresser. Oh you mean a real car? I’ve loved them all, the VW bug, the Buick Skylark, the two station wagons, my red Mustang convertible, my Chevy Beretta, and now my PT Cruiser that is 15 years old. I learned to drive on a 1942 Hudson that was already old at the time. I love cars!

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