Kellye Garrett

Got You Covered

Confession time. I’m a bit obsessed with my book cover. Okay, a lot of obsessed with my book cover. Midnight Ink and the illustrator did such an amazing job. I’ve slapped it on anything and everything. Don’t believe me? Read on for proof of why my main character is my favorite Cover Girl.

Here’s my cover on a business card:


Here’s my cover on a mug:


Here’s my cover on a magnetic calendar:


Here’s my cover on a notecard:


Here’s my cover on a cell phone lock screen:


Here’s my cover on a large cell phone case and a small cell phone case:

I bought one myself and recognizing my obsession, my boss got me one for Christmas! Best. Gift. Ever.


But as much as I love putting my cover on things, I love seeing my cover in the wild even more. My amazing publisher has promoted my cover (and my book) in some amazing ways.

Here’s my cover on the front of a bookmark:


Here’s my cover on the back of a bookmark:


Here’s my cover on the Midnight Ink Spring/Summer 2017 catalog.

I haven’t seen it in person yet but my lovely editor took a pic.


And my favorite thing ever, here’s my cover on a book!

Photo by Claribel Ortega

And, yes, I have already begged my editor to have that poster when they are done with it!

So what say you, do you think I may be a tad bit obsessed? And do you have any other suggestions for where I can put my cover?






16 thoughts on “Got You Covered

  1. Mark makes an excellent point. Where’s the tote bag? How about a t-shirt? Where are the pillows for your bed? I don’t see your shoulder sporting a temporary (or permanent) tattoo of the cover?

    I don’t think you’re too obsessed until you buy a car and then get it vinyl wrapped in your book cover. 😀

    But it’s normal that you’re excited. Your dream is coming true and you’ve gotten an amazing cover.

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  2. Your cover is awesome and looks wonderful on so many items. I’m with the tote bag contingent — I think it would get a lot of attention. You know those pens that have the water in the top part and glitter and other things floating in it? It would be cool to have some of those with lots of tiny book covers floating with just a little glitter. 🙂

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  3. Yay, cover girl! How awesome is it that your book is the cover for Midnight Ink’s summer catalog! Your lock screen says try again, but I think you got it right the first time 🙂

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