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The Chicks’ Video Awards

This Sunday, the Oscars will honor great performances, exceptional skills, and feats of film-making. But what about those artists whose ambitions are more modest? We wanted to take a moment to reward these heroes of the small screen for outstanding accomplishments in making us smile!

But before we get started, a quick update on Marla Cooper’s “Win a Free Book Filled with Nothing” Giveaway. The response was so great that Marla has decided to give away all five books! Congratulations to Kathy Gonzales, Marcy Konecny, Katharine Kan, Kim McMahan Davis, and Beth Peters. Send your address to marlacooperauthor @ to collect your prize.

Now, on to the Chicks’ Video Award nominees!!

Best Actor Depicting a Southern Mama

Presented by Vickie Fee

This performance by Darren Knight of a Southern mama (or grandma or aunt or neighbor) saying good-bye is spot on. It cracked me up and made me strangely homesick for Tennessee. “Tell your mama ‘nem I said,‘Hey.’”

Best Video With The Force Award

Presented by Cynthia Kuhn

So much goodness here from Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and assorted members of the Star Wars cast. If you ever need a spirit-lifter, this may just be the ticket!

Best Wedding Proposal Flash Mob

Presented by Marla Cooper

It’s hard to say what there are more of on YouTube: flash mob videos or wedding proposal videos. This one combines the best of both worlds with a flash mob wedding proposal that is so sweet, so heartfelt, that it makes me tear up every time I watch it. Every. Single. Time.

Best Avian Superhero (Non-Chick Category) Award

Presented by Lisa Q. Mathews

I promise you will be unable to resist this sweetie. Don’t blink and miss the cape segment, because Rhea the Naked Birdie puts Superwoman and Batgirl to shame. Rescuer to be played in the film version by Blake Lively. Get out those tissues–and knitting needles, kindhearted Readers. Seriously. This is real. And it’s freezing in Boston til Fourth of July fireworks on the Esplanade. Get on it now!

Best Parody of a Pop Song Played Ad Nauseam on the Car Radio

Presented by Ellen Byron

I love Songs in the Key of Awesome, a YouTube group that does song parodies. This oldie but goody may still be my favorite. Anyone with a daughter between 12 and 21 will bless a group that makes fun of One Direction – or One D, as it was know by screaming hordes of tweens and teens.

Best Motivational Speech by a Baby Goat

Presented by Marla Cooper

And I’m sorry, I’m going to abuse my powers and add one more. I know I’ve shared this video a couple of times, but that was before I knew how to embed. I can’t overstate the importance of watching this when you need to rally!

Readers, what’s your favorite viral video? Tell us in the comments below!

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