Kellye Garrett

Photos From the Hollywood Homicide Book Launch

Hollywood Homicide came out earlier this month. The best way to describe my launch? Magical. So magical I’m still processing it all. I’ll do a more in depth blog post later but in the meantime, I wanted to share some of the pics from my Launch party at Book Culture in Manhattan.


Dru Ann from the Raven-award winning site, Dru’s Book Musings, was nice enough to interview me.  We had a great conversation.

August 8, 2017.

My mom giving an impromptu speech.

August 8, 2017.

My nephew and my aunt helping me pick a raffle winner.

August 8, 2017.

Do I look dazed? Probably because I was.


I brought Sharpies in a variety of colors.


My mom and my (now famous) poster.

August 8, 2017.

The wine my sister custom ordered. I actually didn’t drink that night!

Thanks to everyone for helping make my day special. (And to Carucha L. Meuse and Erik Parker for letting me use the photos.)

17 thoughts on “Photos From the Hollywood Homicide Book Launch

  1. What an awesome launch. Great turnout. Beautiful people. Cute family you have. Beautiful props. Only in Manhattan! Wish I could have been there!
    Let me know if you ever want me to make chocolate truffles. They would go well for Hollywood SWAG. Grand Marnier? Chambord? Kahlua? Just need to figure out shipping logistics.


  2. Huge congrats, Kellye! Thanks for sharing.

    Beautiful author and pics. It looks like a terrific launch–everyone looks so happy and excited. (And hello to beautiful Dru too. Your whole family is also so lovely!) ❤

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