Ten of the Many Things

We’ve just moved, and my mind is going in about a thousand directions at once these days. I can’t begin to focus…so here are some of the random things I’ve been pondering while unpacking…and unpacking…and unpacking.

  1. How long do we wait for the paper towel holder to resurface before buying a new one? All of the kitchen boxes have been unloaded and it’s still missing.
  2. Why do razors—and refill cartridges—cost so much?
  3. How many sets of backup sheets does one really need besides the set that’s on the bed?
  4. Why are area rugs so expensive? I mean, seriously.
  5. When purchasing an area rug, do you go for cool design as focal point OR neutral rug so you can do cool design with your sofa pillows? (I am not talented enough to mix designs on both.)
  6. Do you say sofa or couch?
  7. Why do we have fourteen spatulas and four whisks? I do not remember acquiring any of them.
  8. Why is the sink in the bathroom so low? I feel like a giant bending over every time I wash my face.
  9. Is it a bad thing if you go to plug something in and there’s a tiny but visible spark?
  10. What of the ten thousand to-do items on the list should I attempt next?

If you have the answer to any of these, please share. And please add your own current obsessions/ponderings in the comments too!


17 thoughts on “Ten of the Many Things

  1. Keep the faith, Cynthia! Sometimes it’s not a good thing to think about these things Try Wayfair for those are rugs. And, ummm…you might want to seriously check out that little spark show. Did your inspector catch it?

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  2. Oh dear. Some answers (at least my answers):

    1. No more than a week.
    2. I don’t know – I’ve heard it’s because of shoplifting. Except my girl and I found a man’s razor at Target for $10 or so; a pack of replacement blades are $5-$7. So who knows.
    3. Two sets – one on the bed, one in the wash.
    5. Depends – do you have cool patterned pillows? Neutrl rug. What do you want as your focal point?
    6. Couch
    9. YES!

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  3. Cynthia, most people call it a “couch” in the south, but my copy editor has changed it to sofa so many times I stopped fighting it. You can never have too many spatulas. Don’t touch that electrical outlet! And the next thing you should attempt: a nap. ❤

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  4. 1. Just buy the new one,in a new style.
    2. My razors come from the Dollar Tree. Solves the expense thing.
    6. Where I grew up, some people still say davenport.
    7. One can never have too many spatulas.
    10. Find the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor. That’s a good thing not to worry over.

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    1. Ooh, I like the idea of a new one in a new style. Maybe now I’m hoping I never find the paper towel thingie… 😉

      Will have to visit the Dollar Tree! And yes, I heard “davenport” growing up too. I was very surprised to discover a city named Davenport a while later…

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  5. All great questions! Where does all the stuff come from?! Then there are all the empty boxes to deal with. If you’re anywhere near a Tuesday Morning, they sometimes have good area rug deals. Good luck unpacking!!


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