Cynthia Kuhn

Happy Thanksgiving…yikes!

It’s Thanksgiving week, and everyone is surely off to spend time with loved ones–or in the midst of packing! shopping! cleaning!–so we won’t keep you long.

Two quick things, though.

First, please accept our thanks, dear Friends of Chicks, for coming here and hanging out with us–imagine that we’re going around the table and saying what we’re grateful for: you!

And second, could you please tell us what the heck this Thanksgiving Card is all about? There are some red, white, and blue flourishes adorning a rectangle (a sideways plank? a cork board?); a turkey who may or may not be talking; and a person who appears to be excessively startled–or at least jumping so hard that his hat is flying off!

Feel free to provide a caption in the comments below…and have a wonderful, fabulous, terrific, holiday.


source: Flickr: vintagehalloweencollector

12 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving…yikes!

  1. Ha, freaky card, Cynthia — but turkeys can be scary sometimes! When my sister was about four, we saw her run screaming out of an outhouse at my aunt’s farm, being chased by a turkey that that had startled her from a dark corner! Happy Thanksgiving to the Chicks and all our wonderful friends!!

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