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Three decades of Christmas cards — amusing ourselves

There are many kinds of Christmas traditions. Some people bake dozens of cookies or make candy. Some people string popcorn or make hand-crafted ornaments. Each year hubs and I make our own Christmas card. Not with construction paper and glitter, but with photos enhanced by my husband’s photography skills and Photoshop wizardry.
Every year for the past 27 years, with only two exceptions, we have appeared on the covers of these cards either as ourselves or with our faces replacing famous ones — from Santa Claus to Bing Crosby, from the Grinch and his dog Max to Scrooge and Tiny Tim. The two years we did not show our mugs, we received numerous complaints from family and friends.

Some cards have been bigger hits than others. But we amuse ourselves — and apparently my husband’s aunt. She’s saved every single card and was a little upset when she realized she had lost one. (We sent her a replacement).

These cards have become a photo album of Christmases Past, mostly revealing how much we’ve aged over the span of nearly three decades. But they also make us smile when we remember some of the crazy things we went through to set up the shots. Looking back at the covers also stirs up thoughts and feelings like, “Hubs looks like he truly wants to kill me in the Dial M for Murder spoof. Is he a good actor, or should I worry?”

If it sounds like my husband does all the heavy lifting on this project, I’d like to point out we always collaborate on the ideas. And I sign and fold the cards, and address and stamp the envelopes by hand. Every. Single. One. (We sent out more than 130 last year). And since we tend to procrastinate and like to do things the hard way, we seldom get started before December. Then I scramble to make sure they’re delivered before Christmas Eve… which reminds me — I should probably get started!


What are some of your Christmas traditions? And do you include a family photo or annual letter with your holiday cards? Share in comments



21 thoughts on “Three decades of Christmas cards — amusing ourselves

  1. OMG, those cards are GREAT! I insist you post this year’s on Chicks.

    I hate doing cards. I put it off so late one year that I created a holiday called MittleJan. The three of us held up a sign that said, “Happy MittleJan!” And the back of card, in Gothic font, read “In pre-Medieval England, mid-January was as dreary as it is today so the Saxons created a special holiday called MittleJan to counter-act the winter doldrums. The day celebrated the abundant harvest of the previous year with festive dress, Morris dancing and a feast of nuts, wild boar, and fallen fruit. Special ceremonial platters and goblets were recently found in Great Britain among the Staffordshire hoard, the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold ever discovered.”
    “Today MittleJan has disappeared into the mists of time. But some words we use today actually originated with this fete –terms like “belated,” “procrastinate,” and “stall” come to mind. We are determined to resurrect this ancient holiday, albeit with a more modern name – “It Took Us This Long to Get our Holiday Card Together” Day.
    So Happy MittleJan, or rather, Happy It-Took-Us-This-Long –to-Get-our- Holiday-Card-Together Day!”

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  2. I adore your cards. I just make ours featuring my rescue dog and boring enough it is usually the same photos. I havent been able to get a good Christmas photo of him since the first year we brought him home, lol

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  3. Vickie, these are hilarious! (your hubby does look a bit murderous in Dial M….) As far as cards go, I may be adopting Ellen’s Mittle Jan!
    We do gingerbread cookies every year – just started tonight. May the eating commence!

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    • Thanks, Shari! I love gingerbread cookies! The last time I made them, one leg on all my gingerbread men came up short — don’t know why because the cookie cutter didn’t look uneven! They still tasted good.:)


  4. Those are so creative and fun! I’ve done pictures and made photo cards every year since my oldest was born. They’re usually cute, but sometimes clever or funny.

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    • Amanda, I love seeing pictures of kids on Christmas cards — and seeing how much they’ve grown year to year. Those are some of the cards I save. And I especially love those pics with Santa where baby is crying and reaching out for mom!


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