My 2018 Writer To Do List

With 2018 now upon us and everyone sharing their ultra cool resolutions, I decided to switch it up just a tad. Instead of sharing my writing-related resolutions, I’m sharing the top five things on my Writer To-Do list for this upcoming year…

Finish Detective by Day Book 3: It’s due to my editor on July 1. I’d already started what would become the second Detective by Day book (Hollywood Ending) when I sold the first book, so this is my first time writing a book from scratch that I know will be in stores one day. And by one day, I mean 2019.

LCC image

Attend Left Coast Crime: Crime on the Comstock**: I’ll be in Reno in March for Left Coast Crime along with all the Chicks. It’s my first time attending LCC and it’ll be the first time I’ve ever been on an author panel. Eek.  Something tells me that it’s quite different than sitting in the audience.

** I’ll also be attending Malice Domestic and Bouchercon. So by the end of year, I’ll be a conference attending pro!

Start a new series: Back when I wasn’t sure whether Hollywood Homicide would sell, I came up with an idea for a black female P.I. series that I fell in love with. She has her life a bit more together (emphasis on the word bit) than Dayna does in Hollywood Homicide, so I’m excited to see whether I can write a new character after being so engrossed in the Detective by Day world for so long.

Avoid reviews: Confession. I was obsessed with reading Hollywood Homicide reviews…until the book actually came out. Don’t get me wrong, I still occasionally (okay like twice a week…at least) still check the overall rating on Goodreads but I don’t read actual reviews. With a new book coming out, I’m curious whether I’ll become obsessed again. I guess we’ll find out.

Hollywood Ending Cover (Final)

Literally give my book away: My publisher gave me five advanced reader copies (ARCs) of Hollywood Ending to give away. So the question is, ‘What do I do with them?’ Last year, I sent two ARCs on “tour,” where my friends got to read it early. I know that I want to do a few Twitter giveaways (sorry Facebook but you won’t get much love this year.) In terms of timing, Hollywood Ending actually takes place RIGHT NOW, during Awards Season when Hollywood is giving out everything from Golden Globes to Grammys. I’d love to do a tie in with that. I am already making plans to do a “Get One, Give One” giveaway where someone wins a copy of Hollywood Ending and can give a copy of Hollywood Homicide to a friend.

What about you guys? What’s on your To Do list this year? And let me know if you have any ideas for cool giveaways!

21 thoughts on “My 2018 Writer To Do List

  1. My list:

    1. All The Things related to the launch of ROOT OF ALL EVIL in August – meeting the editorial calendar, giving myself a crash course on marketing, the works.

    2. Attend Malice and Bouchercon.

    3. Finish and pitch the historical novel I’m working on. One of my critique partners described it as “Rosie the Riveter meets Sam Spade.” I love that description and I’m going with it.

    4. Revise the book that’s due next year in light of what I learn this year.


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    1. Go, Liz, go! But, get a friend to screen reviews and let you read a few of the good ones. On days when the writing is going slow (or not going at all), a nice review is better than a chocolate chip cookie!

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  2. I love it that all your ToDo items mean great books for us to read!

    Personally, I’m wrapping up book three and getting excited about bringing book four to life. I also plan to support other authors in the Finger Llakes with joint signings and brainstorming sessions.

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    1. Cynthia, it took me TWO weeks, but I’ve cut my to-do list from 4 pages to 1.5 (22 items per page, sigh). Lots of catching up to do but the awful weather is helping!

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  3. My writers list is:

    1. Finish my proposal for a new series. I’m in the home stretch for that but BOY, breaking the story for book one has been a bear.
    2. Do a big rewrite on my stand-alone.
    3. Write another Cajun Country Mystery.
    4. Get a day job that will pay for my hobby of writing mysteries.

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  4. (I’m not copying El’s, I swear!)
    1. Finish new series proposal (& Book 1).
    2. Write Ladies Smythe & Westin 4 (it’s a wedding story–my daughter is getting married in April)
    3. LCC, Bouchercon, Crime Bake
    4. Come up with some kind of promo plan (no-tears formula)

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