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#MCM: My Favorite Men in Mystery

If you spend as much time on Instagram as I do, then you already know about #MCM aka Man Crush Monday. Every Monday, you’re supposed to post a pic of your favorite men along with the hashtag #MCM. (Don’t worry ladies, we get our turn on Wednesday with the equally fun #WCW, Woman Crush Wednesday!)

Since today is Monday, I figured it would be a perfect time to share three of my all-time favorite male characters in mystery novels.

Joe Pike

Watchman cover

Where you can find him: My first sighting was in Robert Crais’s award-winning debut, The Monkey’s Raincoat, as Elvis Cole’s best friend, partner and much-needed backup.  He’s become so popular that he now even has his own books, beginning with The Watchman in 2007.

Why he’s crush-worthy: There’s nothing like the strong, silent type. Especially one who can single-highhandedly take out an entire gang of bad guys. Not to mention, he has tattoos and looks damn good in a pair of sunglasses.

RJ Franklin

RJ FranklinWhere you can find him: He just stepped onto the scene in VM Burns’s latest series, Travellin’ Shoes, where he looks into the murder of his church’s choir director.

Why he’s crush-worthy: Out of all the men on this list, RJ is the one you can take home to your mama. He goes to church. He spends quality time with his godmother. He’s a former police detective. And he’s still recovering from an on-work injury, which means he needs lots of TLC.



This is Daniel Sujata, who played Ranger in the One for the Money movie. Full disclosure, this is not how I envision Ranger in my head.

Where you can find him: Making Stephanie Plum’s heart race–in both good and bad ways–in Janet Evanovich’s best-selling series. Since One for the Money, their relationship has evolved from bounty hunter mentor to boss to lover to why-is-Joe-Morelli-still-in-the-picture-when-you-can-have-Ranger, Steph!

Why he’s crush-worthy: Like Joe, he’s tough, but he’s also got a sense of humor. And he’s patient. Why else would he stick around while Steph tries to figure out if she’s going to commit to stupid Joe Morelli?? I’ve had a crush on Ranger for going on twenty years now and it just gets stronger and stronger with each book.

So those are my current #MCM. What about you? Who are some of your favorite male characters in mystery novels? Comment below!

25 thoughts on “#MCM: My Favorite Men in Mystery

  1. Okay, since I have a huge crush on Daniel Sujata, I need to know why you don’t picture him in your head for Ranger!

    You know, in trying to find my mystery #MCM, I realized something. All the books I’ve read lately have female protagonists, with men in the background. I hate to sound self-serving, but because of this, the one mystery guy who stands out to me right now is Bo Durand from my own series. This makes sense, of course, because I created him to be a #MC!

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    • Ha ha ha. If you can’t crush on your own love interest, who can you crush on?

      In terms of Daniel, I see Ranger as very laid back sexy. And I don’t necessarily see that with Daniel Sujata (sorry Daniel if you google yourself and come across this somehow.)

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  2. Ditto for Ranger in the movie. 😀 Jason O’Mara (Joe Morelli) didn’t match either. Come to think of it, the only characters I think they got mostly right were Grandma Mazur and Lula (although I think Betty White would’ve been an awesome Grandma Mazur) 😀

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  3. For sheer steaminess, I’ve got to go with Rafe Collier in the Savannah Martin books from Jenna Bennett. I (and others) have sometimes envisioned Rafe as Shemar Moore. Bad boy exterior, but good guy on the inside.

    Not a book, but I can’t fail to mention DS James Hathaway from “Lewis” (Laurence Fox). We are rewatching the entire series. Yes, he’s a troubled man in some ways, but oh so easy on the eyes (and I can’t resist a man who hates misplaced apostrophes as much as I do!).

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  4. OK, it was always Ranger over Morelli! I also have a little crush on Chief Inspector Armand Gamache (maybe more cerebral), and Bill the vampire from the Sookie Stackhouse series (not cerebral)!

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  5. I just don’t get all the love for Joe Pike. In the first half of the series, he’s just a deus ex machina device to cover for Crais’ lazy writing. I’m to the point in the series where he’s finally getting more human, but the superhero quality of he and Elvis Cole both still get to me from time to time.

    (And no, I don’t have strong opinions or a love/hate relationship with the series. Why do you ask?)

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  6. Well, okay, since Jason Bourne doesn’t qualify as much in the technically-mystery genre, I have to lean toward PIs. And since Jim Rockford starred in a TV series rather than books (I see you, Jimbo!), I’m gonna go with Fletch. I do appreciate his resourcefulness in staying one step ahead of the bad guys and his ex-wives (most of the time).

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  7. I only have one book mystery man I am in love with. Amanda Flower’s Chief Hightower. Although he is not described as muscular in my mind he is always Jason Momoa, lol

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  8. Although he’s not who you pictured for Ranger, I love Daniel Sujata all the way from back when he was on Rescue Me. Every time I see a fire truck, I check to see if he’s on it. 🙂


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