Cynthia Kuhn

Here, There, and Everywhere

If you grew up reading Nancy Drew, it can be delightful to hear contemporary pop culture references to her; I’ve noticed quite a lot of them in television shows and films. Some have even gone beyond a line of dialogue–for example, there was a storyline in Riverdale involving a Nancy Drew Secret Code Activity Book, and in Scream Queens, a sorority president gave everyone cloches (which she called “Nancy-Drew-looking sleuthing caps”) and magnifying glasses so they could solve a mystery in style.

Here are just a few allusions that have made my heart happy…

[image source: giphy]


Where have you noticed Nancy Drew references, dear readers? Which is your favorite? OR Why do you think she has become such a popular allusion? OR Why do we love Nancy Drew so much? 🙂

Every comment below today will be entered to win the following: your choice of any Lila Maclean Academic Mystery ebook! The winner will be selected by random number generator and announced at the end of the thread tomorrow.

30 thoughts on “Here, There, and Everywhere

  1. I can’t think of any TV or movie references (to be honest, I haven’t seen any of the shows you quoted), but personally I always liked Nancy’s determination. When she put her mind to solving the mystery, nothing was going to stop her!

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  2. Growing up, I did read Nancy Drew (and wanted a little “roadster” just like Nancy’s). But I also read the Cherry Ames books. The first was ‘Cherry Ames Student Nurse’ and she worked her way through any and every type of nursing opportunity, solving mysteries and dispensing TLC along the way.

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  3. Thanks, Cynthia, for this great ND-ref curation! I’ve saved a couple to my desktop. I used to write the Lizzie McGuire Mysteries, so I made plenty of Nancy refs in those books. Trying to figure out how to attach a pic…

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  4. Yay, Nancy Drew! I was excited to see a new movie out this year based on Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (which I haven’t seen yet, but noticed is already available to rent on Amazon Prime Movies)! And yay e-book giveaway by Cynthia Kuhn! I already have all the Lila books, but good luck to today’s commenters!!

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  5. I personally read way more Black Stallion books than Nancy Drew, but then again, I was one of those annoying horse-obsessed girls…

    I’m guessing a lot of the reason for ND’s sudden resurgence in popularity is due to nostalgia for “the good ol’ days” of the ’50s and ’60s–by those who didn’t actually live then and don’t remember all the bad parts of the era.

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  6. The 80th year anniversary has been celebrated in many blogs on the web and it has made an even bigger demand for Nancy and her mystery books. Although I didn’t read many of her books when I was younger, they hold their reading value for all ages.

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  7. I gobbled up all of the available Nancy Drew books as a kid! I’ve tried to get our daughter into the books to no avail. HOWEVER, she did watch the Emma Roberts Nancy Drew movie from a few (many?) years back and loved it, so maybe there’s hope. 🙂

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    • Aw! I hear you. There is a box set of the Hardy Boys books that I enthusiastically introduced to my sons which has been sitting all forlorn on the bookshelf ever since. We tried reading it together and they were like: Hard Pass. But hope springs eternal! Wonderful that she loved the movie!

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  8. She is one of the best known female detectives. Especially for younger characters, she is the best comparison. For older characters, the equivalent would be Miss Marple or Jessica Fletcher.

    Personally, I wonder why she is referenced and the Hardy Boys aren’t? Probably because the references always pertain to female characters.

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  9. I think she’s iconic. She’s come to symbolize all young private girl sleuths – and older ones! BTW, Kathy, not to boast – okay, to boast – but I got to take Eliza to the premiere of that Emma Roberts Nancy Drew movie. I don’t remember a thing about it but I do remember we got to take home some really cool but totally useless Dooney and Burke plastic totes from the premiere party.

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  10. Like Ellen, I think she’s iconic and symbolizes the “girl sleuth” because of her enduring popularity. I gave The Girl all my ND books (the yellow-cover ones) when she was a kid. She read them, but honestly? They didn’t hold up well.

    I have no other pop-culture references, but last year for a Halloween party The Girl went as Nancy Drew. Does that count?

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    • Yes! That definitely counts. Great costume idea! The yellow ones are always what I think of when anyone mentions Nancy–probably because of my bookshelf rows of yellow spines. I forget that they had variations of “looks” until I see one and then I’m surprised at how different they are. 🙂

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