Advice From My Christmas Decorations

xmas for chicks


  • Just because someone is shinier than you doesn’t make them better.
  • Hang around those who are different—you never know who you’ll meet.
  • If you fall, you might break.
  • Sometimes it’s good to be a shiny single strand, other times it’s good to be all clumped together. Both have their time and space.
  • Pack yourself away every so often so you remain captivating and appreciated.
  • Even though sometimes you’re left on a shelf, know that your time will come again.
  • Lights that blink too fast can give a mighty headache. Slow down!
  • If you’re all tangled up you’re of no use to anyone.
  • It’s bad enough there was no room at the inn. Don’t make it worse by excluding from the creche as well. Who said there couldn’t be parrots, or giraffes, or even a bachelor uncle or two?
  • There are worse things you can do than hang out on your front porch wearing a red bow.
  • If you have to be up on your roof in the snow and ice, at least make sure you’re lit.

What do your decorations say to you?

26 thoughts on “Advice From My Christmas Decorations

  1. Lol! I particular like the last piece of advice.

    My ornaments would say, no matter how old you are, you’re eternally young if you have the right attitude. And, sometimes what looks good in the store may not work when you get it home. Also… if you care for me, I’ll always be there for you.

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  2. There’s a lot of beauty and sometimes chuckles in little things in unexpected places. And a lot of life’s tragedies just need the judicious application of something sticky.

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  3. Absolutely Loved this! My ornament told me that even though she may not feel like she is at her best, a little bent, a little tired and faded, she can still put her good side upfront and make someone smile.

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  4. Love this, B!! My decorations say “Oops, one fell on the floor. Wait, where’s the little hook at the top so I can hang it back up? It must be around here somewhere. Where the heck is it? Wait, where are my glasses so I can see it? They were just around here somewhere. Where the heck are they?” And repeat.

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    1. Agreed. One of the best compliments I ever got was from an older woman who’d never been to our house before. I was in my early 30s with three young kids running around. She said, “Your home is lovely. It looks like real people live here.” She understood the value of glitter.

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  5. And my ornaments say, What, you’re trying to fit us into some kind of box? We each have our own boxes without borders and you can’t just close the lid and expect to find us all here waiting for you next year, unchanged, unbroken, and in one place. We are ART. Great post, Becky, lol!

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