Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Actually, my hair will be gone on Monday, May 4, 2020.

That’s right. This Chick is doing something she’s never done before … shaving her head for charity. Actually, I’ve never shaved my head for any reason, but if I’m gonna do something wild and crazy, I may as well get more bang for my buck, eh? Go big, or go home, right?

I wrote more about it in this blog post, and this GoFundMe, but here’s the short version.

I do an annual fundraising party to collect emergency necessities for foster kids of all ages, but with social distancing, I’ve decided to move it all online this year.

One of the things we put in each backpack is a new book. Coincidentally, a new indie bookstore opened in my town (finally!), but had the great misfortune to open just a month or so before we all got locked down.

So in an effort to support both foster kids and Books Are Awesome, my fundraiser this year will focus on buying books for these kids from my local bookstore … win-win …

and WIN for YOU if you donate. Because everyone who donates will get photos of my glorious cueball of a noggin! And all the photos leading up to it. Apparently, my stylist is all in and has “a plan.”

So who knows what you’ll actually see? I can’t wait to find out myself!


So, tell me … do you have any advice for me about this adventure? Will I need to shampoo and condition my scalp? Shall we take bets on how quickly it grows back? Date of my first head sunburn? If people will want to rub my head for luck?

38 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

    • Thanks, Annette. My hair is pretty short already (although I’ve missed two haircuts during this pandemic) so I don’t think it’ll be a huuuuge leap. My real concern—as it is every year—is that I won’t raise enough money for the kids or the bookstore. Fingers crossed!

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  1. I have no advice for shaving your head either, Becky but it is for a fine cause. Good luck and make sure you have a good supply of hats or scarves to protect your bare scalp from the strong CO sun!

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  2. You are much braver than I. I don’t think I could shave my head.

    I will say that as your hair grows back, people will want to rub it. I used to give my son buzz cuts in the summer (when he was very small). Everybody loved rubbing that short hair. I think that’s why he made me stop!

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  3. I predict you will LOVE it, Becky! I had a crew-cut years ago, and it was the easiest thing in the world. Put on some extra sunscreen, and be prepared for questions & comments from people who assume you have cancer.

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    • Hey, F4A …. that’s kinda what I’m thinking, too! I used to have looong thick hair, so much hair that it hurt to put it in a bun or ponytail. But as the balance of power in my head leaned more toward gray, I started to look like a witch, or Rosanne Rosannadanna, so I kept going shorter and shorter before landing on my current ‘do, which seems to be what my hair wants to do. But even that’s kind of a pain, needing trimmed every 3 weeks. So … perhaps my hair wants to go even shorter now? I guess we’ll find out!

      Did you put sunscreen on your crewcut? It makes sense to do it on my baldness, but when it starts growing out? Is that what you did?

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      • Well, I did it because I had a weird, constantly-on-call job, so I probably didn’t see sunlight for several months at that time 😦 …but yeah, if people can see your scalp, then your scalp can see those UV rays.

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  4. How about cool wigs, Becky? This is your chance! You could be a spy! But seriously…best of luck with the fundraiser. Such a worthy cause on 2 fronts. Off to donate…

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    • Thanks, Lisa! But wigs sound hot, not cool. Plus, it kinda defeats the purpose of doing it! Someone suggested that I could just do an app to see what I’d look like, but that’s not the point … I wanna know what it feeeeels like, physically and emotionally. But I hadn’t thought about the spy aspect ……

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    • Right?? I sunburned the tops of my feet one time and it was probably the worst experience of my life … at least up until my spine surgery, I guess. (Oh, how soon we forget, eh? I guess that’s why women keep having babies!) But the thought of burning my head …. ay caramba! And the ugly peeling! Eww.

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  5. Becky. I am such a sucker for kids! You have officially reached your goal! Yay Becky and kids!
    For your head? Continue to use the shampoo and conditioner. The hair will start growing immediately back, so take care of it.
    Use lotion as well, until it starts sprouting wings again.
    Massage the scalp.

    Your face structure will work well with a shaved head.
    I would use scarfs, to look all cool and $#^! ,

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    • Oops … I actually forgot to change the goal! I keep the same GoFundMe every year because I’m lazy, so thanks for reminding me!

      And thanks for the tips … this is going to be a learning experience, eh??

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  6. Just when I think you couldn’t get any cooler… Becky, I love you and your twice-worthy cause! Count me in for a donation. And I think that hair nest of eggs would be an awesome look for you — you are a Chick, after all!

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    • Aw, Vickie, you’re so sweet! I literally laughed out loud when I saw that photo! Is that hilarious or what?? I thought about adding that to the “plan” but I don’t think my hair will stand up like that, even with all the gel. I’d hate to break eggs all over the salon! oxox

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  7. I’ve shaved my head multiple times, although it has been years since I got out the shaving cream and razor. You won’t need shampoo, just soap will do for the first week or two until the hair starts growing back in. Get a spray on sun screen so you don’t burn. You’ll burn very quickly up there.


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  8. Becky, you’re a brave soul. Then again, you look great with short hair. I look like I have a terrible illness. Mark makes a great point re: sunburn. I used to wonder why older men in L.A. driving convertibles always wore baseball caps. Then I saw a very sunburned bald head and went, aha! Good luck! Can’t wait to see the photos.

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    • Thanks, Ellen, but I’m not sure how brave it is. It’s only hair, after all. It’s not like I’m cutting off my arm … it will grow back, and probably sooner than I’d like! My vanity disappeared—along with my modesty—when I had kids.

      I have a friend who LOVES hats and is always trying to get me to wear them, but my hairstyle would never allow it. She’s going to be thrilled, at least until she finds out all I have is a ratty old straw hat (but it’s festively decorated with a filthy bow!), a Chapman University baseball cap we got for being alums, and a weird canvas camping hat with flaps all over the place.


  9. This is so great, Becky–what a generous act! I’ve sometimes wondered what it would be like to shave my head–or at least get a buzz cut. I love the way the buzz feels on other people (and Iike having my head rubbed!), but I doubt I’d ever have the nerve to do it voluntarily. So yay, you! Looking forward to the photos–maybe do a mullet on the way out?


    • I’m finalizing The Plan with my stylist this afternoon, so I’ll add mullet to the list. And I agree about the buzz. My son’s hair felt like velvet!

      No time like stay-at-home orders to investigate a new hairstyle … amirite, Leslie??

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