1/19 Tattered Cover Bookstore: “Crime Writers in Conversation”
with Becky Clark, Cynthia Kuhn, Kate Lansing, Barbara Nickless


12/9 Murder by the Book
with Laura Bradford and Cynthia Kuhn

12/7 Creating Conversations
with Maria DiRico/Ellen Byron, Jennifer J. Chow, Becky Clark, Cynthia Kuhn

10/15-17 Colorado Gold Conference: Secrets of Writing Humor
Becky Clark, Cynthia Kuhn, Todd Leatherman, Lesley Smith, Wendy Terrien

7/20 A Killer Sense of Humor: Adding Mirth to Murder Mysteries
North Brunswick Library panel (register here) with Ellen Byron, Jennifer Chow, Becky Clark, Vickie Fee, Leslie Karst, Cynthia Kuhn, Lisa Q. Mathews, Kathleen Valenti

7/8 Literary Thursdays: Beyond The Covers: A Discussion With Three Cozy Mystery Authors
Queens Public Library panel with Jennifer Chow, Abby Collette, Terrie Moran

5/26 Celebrating AAPI Storytellers
Jennifer J. Chow

5/20 NYPL & AAWW: Writing Workshop
Jennifer J. Chow

5/19 NYPL & AAWW: Asian American Authors in Conversation
Jennifer J. Chow

3/28 Writer’s Digest Mystery and Thriller Virtual Conference: Solving the Mystery of Authentic Characters and Relationships 
Jennifer J. Chow

3/13 Southwest Florida Reading Festival: A Teatime Celebration of Traditional and Cozy Mysteries
Roberta Isleib/Lucy Burdette, Liz Milliron, Harold Emanuel, Elaine Viets, Lisa Black, Jennifer Chow, Connie Berry, Marilyn Levinson/Allison Brook, Teresa Michael, Gwen Mayo, Debra H. Goldstein, Joan Lipinsky Cochran

3/5 AWP: Untold Stories
Ava Homa (moderator), Julie Dalton, Jennifer Chow, Nancy Johnson, Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai 

2/27 Left Coast Crime: Best Humorous Award Nominees
Ellen Byron, Jennifer J. Chow, Carl Hiaasen, Cynthia Kuhn, J. Michael Orenduff, Sung J. Woo, Janet Rudolph

2/16 The Second Line Show hosted by Nola Nash: Cozy Up with a Mystery!
Nicole Asselin, Olivia Blacke, Anne Candeo, Jennifer J. Chow, Kelley Bowles Gusich, Raquel V. Reyes

2/9 University of Denver: Exploring Careers in Writing and Publishing
Amy Drayer, Cynthia Kuhn, Miel Moreland, Megan Pritchett, Jill Smith, Hayley Williams


12/11 Chicks on the Case Book Club: Mimi Lee Gets a Clue by Jennifer J. Chow

11/30 Chicks on the Case Book Club: Puzzling Ink by Becky Clark

11/24 Open for Murder Launch Party
Mary Angela, Catherine Bruns, Cynthia Kuhn, A Cozy Experience

11/15 The Back Room
Lucy Burdette, Jennifer J. Chow, Alexia Gordon, Jenn McKinlay, host Hank Phillippi Ryan

11/14 Colorado Press Women
Cynthia Kuhn and Marilyn Saltzman

11/6 Escondido Public Library & Mysterious Galaxy
Jennifer J. Chow and Abby Vandiver/Collette

11/6 Chicks on the Case Book ClubMurder in the Bayou Boneyard by Ellen Byron

11/3 Puzzling Ink Launch Party
Becky Clark, Cozy Mystery Crew, Becky’s Book Buddies

10/29 Sisters in Crime Los Angeles presents House Arrest
With readings by Holly West, Julia Bricklin, Jennifer J. Chow, Joan Renner, Layne Fargo (Midwest Chapter). Hosted by August Norman.

10/24 Murder by the Book: Witches, Screams, and Skeletons
Carol Perry, Kristin Brecher, Ginger Bolton, Julia Henry, Ellen Byron

10/24 Five Minute Reads with The 2020 Debuts
Regina Buttner, Jennifer J. Chow, Elizabeth Shelburne, Pamela Skjolsvik

10/17 Bouchercon: Madcap Mayhem: The Age of Screwball Comedy
Heather Haven (M), Kellye Garrett, Cynthia Kuhn, Heather Weidner, Elizabeth Little

10/16 Bouchercon: Not So Secret Lives of Authors
Simon Wood (M), William Kent Krueger, Ellen Byron, Gary Phillips, Catriona McPherson

10/16 Bouchercon: Let’s Eat: The Food Mysteries
Mary Lee Ashford (M), Judy Alter, Leslie Karst, Bharti Kirchner, Nancy Parra, Maya Corrigan, Shawn Reilly Simmons

10/16 Bouchercon: Our Furry Friends
Kathy Krevat (M), Lane Stone, Jackie Layton, J.C. Kenney, Jennifer Chow, Becky Muth

10/11 Haunted Louisiana: Fact or Fiction?
Ellen Byron, Chere Coen, Mark Bologna, Keenan Powell

10/9 Murder by the Book
Becky Clark, Debra H. Goldstein, Scott Graham, Cynthia Kuhn, Margaret Mizushima

10/8 Boulder Bookstore
Becky Clark, Debra H. Goldstein, Scott Graham, Cynthia Kuhn, Margaret Mizushima

10/7 Coffee & Cozy Mysteries
Vickie Fee, Molly McRae, Debra H. Goldstein

6/15 Chicks on the Case Book Club: The Study of Secrets by Cynthia Kuhn

3/27 Chicks on the Case Book Club: My Fair Latte by Vickie Fee