Cheers, It’s Virtual Almost-St.-Paddy’s-Day!

Lisa here, with my annual St. Patrick’s Day post–because ’tis all life as usual, right? I had planned to fly straight from Left Coast Crime in San Diego to celebrate with my sister in Florida, where she is renting a house near the beach for a month. Things didn’t quite turn out, though, so here I am, lifting a cold mug of badly-brewed coffee to you from a very sober New England. We could all use a little levity right now, so here’s to you and here’s to me– let’s get the party started! Continue reading Cheers, It’s Virtual Almost-St.-Paddy’s-Day!

St. Patrick’s Day: A Helpful Guide

It’s St. Patrick’s Week, and as usual this time of year, I’m on a do-or-die manuscript deadline. With the luck of the Irish (and maybe a few lead-up days of caffeine-fueled word count) I hope to take a wee break to celebrate. Whenever I mention that my very favorite holiday falls on March seventeenth, I get puzzled replies. Why not Christmas? Thanksgiving? Fourth of July? … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day: A Helpful Guide

When Write Goes Wrong: Blame Murphy

As a kid, I loved to visit my Aunt Beth. The walls of her tiny kitchen were covered with cheerful things: painted shamrocks, family photos, palm crosses, hanging mugs. I was especially fascinated by all the little wooden plaques with silly quotes, bar jokes, and household “rules.” One of them, though—from some guy named Murphy—wasn’t quite as funny. “Who’s Murphy?” I asked my aunt. “Don’t know,” … Continue reading When Write Goes Wrong: Blame Murphy