All Things Cozy and Warm

I don’t like the rain. There, I said it. Sorry, El…I know you’re a pluviophile. To be fair, I do appreciate the water and the survival of plants. I also like being inside and reading a book on rainy days. I could do without the flooding and severe weather warnings, though. Apparently, I also can’t handle multiple days of rain and sequential weekends spent indoors. … Continue reading All Things Cozy and Warm

A Journey Through Ornaments

Confession: Sometimes I have Christmas tree envy. I see these beautifully decorated trees in holiday movies or in my neighbors’ homes, and I wonder why our tree isn’t like that—in which I mean artfully styled. For example, who wouldn’t want this cozy tree decked in knitted creations? We recently added a gnome to our ornament collection. A warm welcome to our Gnome Sweet Gnome. We … Continue reading A Journey Through Ornaments

Slippery Meanings

Language changes, evolves. I love that we find new ways of describing things and that we add helpful vocabulary. Unfortunately, I’m also currently feeling like I need to play catch-up. It’s like I’m Vizzini in The Princess Bride, and Inigo Montoya is telling me, “I do not think it means what you think it means.” Case in point: I often find myself asking my kids … Continue reading Slippery Meanings

Mnemonic Devices—Love Them or Hate Them?

I’m working on a new manuscript, and in it, I reference a rainbow. The mnemonic I learned in school, ROYGBIV, popped into my head. Great! Now I could label the colors! Wait a minute. Shouldn’t I know the hues without needing a reminder? How much do I rely on these mind tricks to help me? Certainly, when I competed in Science Olympiad (nerd alert!) in … Continue reading Mnemonic Devices—Love Them or Hate Them?

The Perfect Croissant/Word

I’ve been having an almond croissant craving recently. And I’m picky about my croissants. They need to be flaky and not too crispy on the outside. I also like them with plenty of almond paste filling and a dusting of powdered sugar on top. Maybe I want a croissant because I’m in the middle of edits. I’m in my revisions cave attempting to incorporate comments … Continue reading The Perfect Croissant/Word

Little Lanterns of Hope

I’ve always loved Chinese lanterns. Maybe it was because we had one hanging up in my childhood home. Or the fact that I did a school presentation on their use in the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. There’s something beautiful about a row of lanterns displayed together: Maybe I just like their vivid colors or the lights contained inside them. Lanterns always seem so cheerful. I once … Continue reading Little Lanterns of Hope

My Nonphotographic Ways

I begged my parents for my first camera. Those were the days when you couldn’t tell what photos you had taken—until they got developed. I’m pretty sure 99% of my shots were worthless. In fact, here’s an example of one: I believe I was trying to capture an interesting insect swimming in the water. When digital pictures came along, I was so happy. Now I … Continue reading My Nonphotographic Ways

Road Trippin’

The last road trip I took involved going up the coast of Oregon, and it was amazing! I have fond memories of camping in Northern California, exploring the Oregon beaches, visiting the Tillamook factory, and checking out Powell’s Books. When I discovered that Left Coast Crime was happening in Albuquerque, I figured we could drive to New Mexico. (And by we, I mean my other … Continue reading Road Trippin’

When Your Kid Reads Your Book…

The first time my husband read a book of mine, I waited with bated breath. Would he like it? Laugh at the right parts? Encourage me to continue spending gobs of time doing who knows what the writer’s life in my office? (Dear reader, he enjoyed the book. And that is why we’re still married. Just kidding. Obviously, it’s only one of the reasons…) The … Continue reading When Your Kid Reads Your Book…

Want a Do-Over?

Happy Lunar New Year! 2022 arrived with the roar of the tiger (#yearofthetiger–see what I did there?). If, like me, you need a fresh start, here’s your chance. The Lunar New Year can also be referred to as Spring Festival, and festivities can last up to fifteen days! That’s right. You can still join in on the fun. Cue gratuitous New Year treats: These nut-embedded … Continue reading Want a Do-Over?