Meet Becky

fast fun fiction

The mystery-writing bug bit Becky late in life. Growing up in Colorado all she wanted to do was read, roller skate, and gut fish, but never at the same time because that’s dangerous. She remains a cautious person. So cautious, in fact, that when she got her degree in Criminal Justice, she sabotaged her chance at a job where she knew she’d have to carry a gun. But soon enough, all that pragmatism and foresight was tossed carelessly away when she got married and decided to have three kids. Luckily they were all excellent cohorts and she never once felt like she needed a gun.

When those kids were young, Becky stayed home with them and when she felt her brain beginning to turn to mush, she would announce “Naptime!” then hide in her office, clattering on the keyboard of her Mac Classic while they did who-knows-what. The rule was they could only knock on her door if something was “bleeding, burning, or barfing.” Under this system she produced many personal essays á la Erma Bombeck. When an editor bought the first one she sent out for submission, she was hooked. That $50 remains the most exciting money she’s ever earned. She is, however, willing to bump it to second place if someone starts peeling off some tall dough.

The sudden awareness that people enjoyed (and paid for!) her words shot her on the writer’s path. The trajectory, however, was similar to a pinball machine — much exhilarating noise, ricochets into other genres, shiny new projects. It took many years before she landed in the world of mysteries.

She’s comfortable there and plans to stay as long as she’s welcome. She promises not to gut any more fish. Or even talk about it. Unless you want to and then she can wax poetic for hours.

Becky lives in Colorado with her husband and the adorable Nala. One of them can never get enough cookies, loves to be outdoors, and needs constant grooming. The other is a dog.

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