Chicks Holiday Shopping Guide

What’s better than the perfect gift? A PAIR of perfect gifts!  We asked each of the Chicks to pair one of their books with a potential gift idea. Please check out the results below, just in time for the holidays… Lisa Q. Mathews There’s no snow, except for the fake kind, but what could be more holiday-festive (and dangerous) than Fashion Week in glittering Milano, FL? … Continue reading Chicks Holiday Shopping Guide

Chick Chat: Our Favorite Funny Writers

Besides (obviously) us Chicks, we’re sharing about writers who tickle our funny bone. Who do we love and admire? Find out, and feel free to add your favorites! Lisa Q. Mathews Oh, gosh–I do NOT have enough room here to answer this question! But okay, here’s an initial stab (not including my fellow Chicks, of course): Jean Kerr, of Please Don’t Eat the Daisies fame, … Continue reading Chick Chat: Our Favorite Funny Writers

Chick Chat: What are the Chicks plotting next?

Today, the Chicks on the Case share five random things in their respective WIPs (Works in Progress). These may be key to the plot or an obscure bit of back story or sub-plot. But, whatever their part in the story, we hope they stir a little curiosity in our readers, and perhaps, prompt a writing idea or two for our author pals. Lisa Q. Mathews … Continue reading Chick Chat: What are the Chicks plotting next?