Guest Chick: Catriona McPherson

The Chicks are absolutely thrilled to have fab and funny author pal Catriona McPherson back for another visit to the coop! Scot in a Trap, the fifth book in Catriona’s darkly humorous Last Ditch Mystery series, is out this week. Grab a copy for the holidays and an extra copy to put under the tree for your favorite reader friend. Today, Catriona talks about rules … Continue reading Guest Chick: Catriona McPherson

Chicks Holiday Shopping Guide

What’s better than the perfect gift? A PAIR of perfect gifts!  We asked each of the Chicks to pair one of their books with a potential gift idea. Please check out the results below, just in time for the holidays… Lisa Q. Mathews There’s no snow, except for the fake kind, but what could be more holiday-festive (and dangerous) than Fashion Week in glittering Milano, FL? … Continue reading Chicks Holiday Shopping Guide

Guest Chick: Liz Boeger

Leslie here, pleased to welcome to the coop the fab Liz Boeger, author of the Moccasin Cove Mystery series, whose newest book, APPLEJACKED, was released just last month. Take it away, Liz! Coloring Outside the Cozy Lines with a Non-Traditional Amateur Sleuth When I was first invited to visit with the Chicks, I’ll admit I was preening a bit at the thought of hanging out … Continue reading Guest Chick: Liz Boeger

Guest Chick Mariah Fredericks

The Chicks are thrilled to welcome Mariah Fredericks to the coop! Today, the Mary Higgins Clark Award nominee, whose novel The Lindbergh Nanny is racking up some serious accolades, shares how an unexpected turn turned into something unexpectedly wonderful. Take it away, Mariah! How Bad News Became a Fresh Start Any writer of a series knows: you never want it to end. It’s not just … Continue reading Guest Chick Mariah Fredericks

Guest Chick: Diane Vallere

Lisa here, thrilled to welcome multi-talented mystery author and our ever-fashionable past Sisters in Crime president Diane Vallere to Chicks today. Even though it’s not technically Easter time (hey, candy is candy!), we readers always enjoy the thrill of the egg hunt. Join Diane as she shares how she hides those fun little nudge-nudge-wink-winks in her books… Continue reading Guest Chick: Diane Vallere

Chick Chat: Our Favorite Funny Writers

Besides (obviously) us Chicks, we’re sharing about writers who tickle our funny bone. Who do we love and admire? Find out, and feel free to add your favorites! Lisa Q. Mathews Oh, gosh–I do NOT have enough room here to answer this question! But okay, here’s an initial stab (not including my fellow Chicks, of course): Jean Kerr, of Please Don’t Eat the Daisies fame, … Continue reading Chick Chat: Our Favorite Funny Writers

Guest Chick: Lori Roberts Herbst

Lisa here, and I’m delighted to welcome first-time Chicks guest Lori Roberts Herbst, who recently burst onto the cozy mystery scene with her fabulous Callie Cassidy Mystery series. Book One, SUITABLE FOR FRAMING, was just awarded the 2022 Silver Falchion for Best Cozy Mystery, as well as 2nd Runner Up for Best Book of 2021. Take it away, Lori! Continue reading Guest Chick: Lori Roberts Herbst

Chick Pic Time!

Cozy readers—and especially Chicks on the Case readers—are some of the most creative folks on the planet so we’re asking you to play Chick Pic with us! In the comments, give us a couple of sentences … who is this? What’s her back story? Victim, criminal, detective, murderer, spy? The more ridiculous the better! The subject may look familiar, but remember, things aren’t always as they … Continue reading Chick Pic Time!

The Quest For Authenticity: How Far Is Too Far?

We are so pleased to welcome the talented Marie Sutro the nest! This award-winning, best-selling writer has been described as “one helluva author” and we couldn’t agree more. Today the author of the newly released Dark Obsessions discusses setting the perfect setting. Sometimes the hardest part of writing a book can be the quest for authenticity. While drafting my new release, Dark Obsessions, a furry … Continue reading The Quest For Authenticity: How Far Is Too Far?