Guest Chick: Fleur Bradley

Becky here. I’m so happy to introduce you to Fleur Bradley, who writes really fun mysteries for kids. Fleur and I have known each other for 20 years, give or take, meeting way back when I wrote for kids. Fleur found her niche in the kidlit world, having garnered a ton of awards and accolades along the way. She’s a fantastic resource for teachers and … Continue reading Guest Chick: Fleur Bradley

A Chicks on the Case E-ppearance!

When we discovered four Chicks had books launching in November and December, we decided we had to celebrate! Cue bookstore and event organizer Creating Conversations hosting a special panel: Chicks on the Case Celebration, featuring Becky, Cynthia, Ellen, and Jen. Join us for laughs and a fun four-way chat on Tuesday at 8:30 EST, 7:30 Central, and 5:30 PST. Click here to register. Hope to … Continue reading A Chicks on the Case E-ppearance!

Guest Chick: Wendall Thomas

Leslie here, tickled pink to welcome one of the funniest gals in our crime-writing community, the delightful and talented Wendall Thomas, whose latest Cyd Redondo mystery, Fogged Off, released just last month. And Wendall’s doing a GIVEAWAY of her new book, as well–huzzah! Take it away, Wendall! Can Those Who Can, Teach? I’ve been rich in teachers my whole life. From Miss Ketchum’s infectious reading … Continue reading Guest Chick: Wendall Thomas

Chick Chat: What are the Chicks plotting next?

Today, the Chicks on the Case share five random things in their respective WIPs (Works in Progress). These may be key to the plot or an obscure bit of back story or sub-plot. But, whatever their part in the story, we hope they stir a little curiosity in our readers, and perhaps, prompt a writing idea or two for our author pals. Lisa Q. Mathews … Continue reading Chick Chat: What are the Chicks plotting next?

Guest Chick: Edith Maxwell/Maddie Day

Ellen here, so happy to welcome back Chicks and personal pal Edith/Maddie. AND she includes news about a really fun upcoming virtual appearance with yours truly. 😉 If you’re like me and love virtually other authors’ workspaces, read on… Where I Work Thanks for inviting me over, Ellen and the Chicks, to help celebrate the release of Murder at the Lobstah Shack at the end … Continue reading Guest Chick: Edith Maxwell/Maddie Day

Guest Chick: Liz Ireland

The Chicks are so happy to welcome Liz Ireland, author of the delightful Mrs. Claus Mysteries, to the blog today. Take it away, Liz! A Cake Walk Thank you, Ellen, and to all you Chicks for having me as your guest today! Growing up, November was my favorite month. I loved that it fit snugly in the middle of Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas time. Also, four out of … Continue reading Guest Chick: Liz Ireland

Guest Chick—Debra H. Goldstein

We Chicks are thrilled to have the fab Debra Goldstein visit us today to talk about her Sarah Blair series and her newest book! The Culinary Evolution of a Character and an Author When my first two books were orphaned by their respective publishers, I knew I wanted to try my hand at writing a cozy mystery series. As I analyzed the genre, I realized … Continue reading Guest Chick—Debra H. Goldstein

Happy Book Birthday, Ellen/Maria!

It’s Release Day for It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder, the 3rd book in the hilarious Catering Hall Mystery series, written by our very own Ellen Byron under her pen name, Maria DiRico! You can pick it up at your local bookstore or buy it through the links below. Congratulations, Ellen! IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE MURDER Astoria, Queens, is decorated … Continue reading Happy Book Birthday, Ellen/Maria!

Guest Chick: Mary Angela

We are so excited to welcome back Mary Angela, author of the Happy Camper cozy series and the Professor Prather mysteries. Mary has kindly brought a giveaway: commenters today will be entered to win an ebook of Midnight Spells Murder! Halloween is a holiday that allows you to be someone else, if even for one night, and maybe that’s why it’s popular with kids and adults … Continue reading Guest Chick: Mary Angela

Guest Chick: Laura Jensen Walker

The Chicks are super happy to welcome back Laura Jensen Walker, author of the wonderful Bookish Baker Mysteries. She’s sharing an honest, inspiring post with us today… It’s All About Timing Thanks, Ellen for having me back again! It’s always fun to visit the Chicks. I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the more philosophical and accepting I become. In my younger … Continue reading Guest Chick: Laura Jensen Walker