An international weekend at home

Friday was May 5 – Cinco de Mayo! I don’t have any Mexican heritage that I’m aware of. But hubs and I didn’t let that prevent us from celebrating in our own quiet way. I made taco salad. We imbibed some margaritas. Viva tequila! And we watched Nacho Libre, a fun movie we’ve seen several times before. Saturday, we moved from tequila to tea, watching … Continue reading An international weekend at home

A matter of perspective

Some things have felt a bit overwhelming for me lately, which has led me to think a lot about perspective. The church I attended as a child had a steeple atop the chapel. After worship services had long since moved into the new auditorium, a grade-school friend and I climbed through the old baptistry and into the steeple which housed the by-then silent bells. It … Continue reading A matter of perspective

Lights out in Memphis

I was unexpectedly reduced to tears last week. I’m just getting over Covid, and my eyes are still watering a bit, but without emotion. Mid-January also marks the anniversary of my dad’s death, which also elicits tears – but those were not unexpected. Then Lisa Marie Presley died suddenly. I stared at the TV report and sobbed. I have cried after hearing about the death … Continue reading Lights out in Memphis

What’s fab about October?

Things I love about October: leaves changing color, widely available pumpkin spice options, and Halloween decorations and movies. Leaves are ablaze with color here in the Marquette area. The most spectacular fall displays in the Upper Peninsula are actually in the Keweenaw Peninsula, in case you’re planning a visit. It’s a couple of hours drive from our home to the middle of the Keweenaw. Hubs … Continue reading What’s fab about October?

A perfect day for… whatever

You’re probably aware today is Labor Day —especially if you have the day off from work! Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894 in recognition of American Labor and in conjunction with the rise of trade unions. Some lesser known “national holidays” this month include: Yesterday (Sept. 4) was National Pet Rock Day. Sorry I missed that one. I actually had a pet rock … Continue reading A perfect day for… whatever

Valuable (to me) junk

It’s that time of year when “yard sale” and “garage sale” signs are a common sight. We drove through a neighborhood yard sale last weekend, where neighbors had decided to increase their traffic by having all their yard sales on the same weekend. One man’s junk is another’s treasure, and I’ve bought my share of both junk and treasure over the years. We all have … Continue reading Valuable (to me) junk