What’s fab about October?

Things I love about October: leaves changing color, widely available pumpkin spice options, and Halloween decorations and movies. Leaves are ablaze with color here in the Marquette area. The most spectacular fall displays in the Upper Peninsula are actually in the Keweenaw Peninsula, in case you’re planning a visit. It’s a couple of hours drive from our home to the middle of the Keweenaw. Hubs … Continue reading What’s fab about October?

A perfect day for… whatever

You’re probably aware today is Labor Day —especially if you have the day off from work! Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894 in recognition of American Labor and in conjunction with the rise of trade unions. Some lesser known “national holidays” this month include: Yesterday (Sept. 4) was National Pet Rock Day. Sorry I missed that one. I actually had a pet rock … Continue reading A perfect day for… whatever

Valuable (to me) junk

It’s that time of year when “yard sale” and “garage sale” signs are a common sight. We drove through a neighborhood yard sale last weekend, where neighbors had decided to increase their traffic by having all their yard sales on the same weekend. One man’s junk is another’s treasure, and I’ve bought my share of both junk and treasure over the years. We all have … Continue reading Valuable (to me) junk

Snow on Easter or Spring in da U.P.

Most of you already know (especially if we’re friends on Facebook or friends IRL), that my hometown is Memphis, but I now live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I often get questions about where I live. Memphis summary: Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland, is there. Half a million people tour it each year. I think everyone should see the Jungle Room once, but once is … Continue reading Snow on Easter or Spring in da U.P.

How to tip the word count scales in your favor

Like so many things, the writing life is easier if you celebrate the small victories along the way. Example: If I hit 1,000 words in my  work in progress – Yay! Although, if you’re like me, it’s more like: I hit 1,000 words – gosh, only 79,000 more to go. It’s that feeling of stepping on the scales at Weight Watchers after being really, really … Continue reading How to tip the word count scales in your favor

Out with the old, in with the new hip — and accepting progress over perfection

The start of a new year is typically a time to make resolutions and plans. My resolutions are more like wish lists, because if I were truly resolved I’d be thin and have an immaculate and organized home by now. I started last year with a very definite plan and even followed through on my part. But, best laid plans…yada yada. I planned to have … Continue reading Out with the old, in with the new hip — and accepting progress over perfection

It’s not a mystery

“How did you end up writing murder mysteries?” Implication being, “Why would a nice woman like you write about murderers?” I’ve been asked this question more than a few times. It started innocently enough for me. See if any of the telltale signs apply to you. You might be a mystery writer if: While driving you work out scenes, saying the dialogue out loud. At … Continue reading It’s not a mystery