Spirits on the Screen

  Wishing You A Very Happy Halloween! To get into the right “spirit,” I have a question for you: what are your favorite films with ghosts? Let’s trade recommendations. I can’t wait to hear. Here are my top ten in chronological order. The Shining (1980): Even though the movie is terrifying, I have re-watched it many times. Probably because Jack Nicholson is compelling…and of course … Continue reading Spirits on the Screen

It’s Fall, Finally

🍁 Happy First Week of Fall, my very favorite season. There’s something about the cooler temperature that perks me right up. Not to mention snuggly sweaters, all the pumpkins, and everything Halloween. But perhaps most of all, it’s the Fall Foliage. Yes, it has to be capitalized like that because it is a thing on the east coast. People travel miles–even states–to see it. When I … Continue reading It’s Fall, Finally

Surprise! Everything Just Changed

One night seven years ago, I woke up in the dark completely terrified and–long story short–ended up in the emergency room. (The most memorable part of that experience was when, in response to the 911 call, several gorgeous firemen burst into the bedroom and carried me out to the ambulance. If I were writing a Rom Com, hello meet-cute!) Turned out to be the first in … Continue reading Surprise! Everything Just Changed

Bookshelves I Have Known

It’s true that I already recounted the Ikea Bookshelf Saga, but let’s ponder bookshelves again today. It’s just that…they are so versatile and present. They can change a room, make artistic statements. There’s a reason they are so often featured in home decorating shows. You don’t have to look very hard on the web to find pictures of bookshelves in all sorts of dramatic configurations … Continue reading Bookshelves I Have Known

Happy Monday Morning

There’s nothing quite like a random survey on a Monday to help us procrastinate for a few precious moments before the work week kicks in fully, right?  (For a variety of reasons, I have been asked the following questions at different times in life but don’t remember what I said previously, so it’s a new adventure, yay. Let’s go!) 1. What is your favorite word? serendipity2. What is … Continue reading Happy Monday Morning

Just a Friendly Note (curious edition)

Dear Stores: When did everyone start saying “Welcome in” instead of just “Welcome”? And how did this begin? Was there a memo that I missed? Dear Designers: Can we please talk about the High-Low Hem concept? Sometimes it’s short in the front and long in the back (aka the “mullet of hemlines”) but sometimes it’s short in the back and long in the front. It’s … Continue reading Just a Friendly Note (curious edition)


Recently, I heard that many people were having trouble concentrating these days because we’ve been on high alert for so long. That definitely resonated with me. We all have much to handle, with global events and political tensions adding to the existing pressures of our personal duties and challenges. But this week has felt even more overwhelming and distressing than the previously heightened sense of being overwhelmed … Continue reading Pausing

New Release: How to Book a Murder

How to Book a Murder (Starlit Bookshop Mystery #1) is out today from Crooked Lane Books! What It’s About: Perfect for fans of Jenn McKinlay and Kate Carlisle, in award-winning author Cynthia Kuhn’s series debut, small-town bookseller and literary event planner Emma Starrs is out to close the book on a killer intent on crashing the party. To help save her family’s floundering Colorado bookstore, Starlit Bookshop, newly minted Ph.D. … Continue reading New Release: How to Book a Murder

Almost The Holidays…Or Maybe They Already Started!

Whee! It’s that time of year again, when no one seems to agree on when holiday decorations should begin to appear around town. Stores have started putting out displays earlier and earlier, and inquiring minds want to know: Does the sight of holiday decorations going up right after Halloween make you want to scream? Or does it make you want to run for your favorite … Continue reading Almost The Holidays…Or Maybe They Already Started!

Hello, Pumpkin Patch

The first year we lived in our current house, it felt as though we’d been transported to Disneyland for Halloween–people up and down the street decked out their homes with oversized decorations and all sorts of curious items that spewed mist or growled sporadically or otherwise scared trick-or-treaters. Spooky music was blasted from various houses and neighbors dressed in elaborate costumes. There was a fantastic … Continue reading Hello, Pumpkin Patch

That Time of Year Again

Usually, I love a good stroll down the office supply aisle. There’s something deeply comforting about looking at a colorful selection of writing utensils and notebooks. (That’s not just a writer thing, right?) But August means that it’s time to take a deep breath and gear up for the obstacle course also known as school-supply shopping!  Every year, we lurch around the store, while I … Continue reading That Time of Year Again

Gone to Malice 2021

The Chicks are attending More Than Malice (July 14-17)!  Some of us will be at the Author Speed Dating events, and our own Ellen Byron is nominated for an Agatha Award (Best Contemporary Novel)–huge congratulations and cheers!–and you can watch the recorded nominee panels here. The More Than Malice schedule offers information about the many wonderful panels happening this week if you are attending. Also, if you … Continue reading Gone to Malice 2021