Detecting Duos

‘Tis the time of year when you can’t go ten feet without bumping into a paper heart taped to something, as Lila Maclean once observed. So who makes your heart go pitter pat? Let’s chat about detecting duos–couples solving crimes–friends in forensics. Tagging Sherlock and Dr. Watson first. I am referring here to the characters as played in the BBC series Sherlock specifically, who are full-on delightful … Continue reading Detecting Duos

Endings and Undoings

In the mystery course I recently taught, we found the ending of Agatha Christie’s A Murder is Announced to be both disconcerting and glorious. There are many wonderful aspects to her writing, but we were most engaged by how she gracefully “undoes” the characters we felt we knew because she had built them so convincingly. On the flip side, we were slightly less excited about … Continue reading Endings and Undoings

Spirits on the Screen

  Wishing You A Very Happy Halloween! To get into the right “spirit,” I have a question for you: what are your favorite films with ghosts? Let’s trade recommendations. I can’t wait to hear. Here are my top ten in chronological order. The Shining (1980): Even though the movie is terrifying, I have re-watched it many times. Probably because Jack Nicholson is compelling…and of course … Continue reading Spirits on the Screen

It’s Fall, Finally

🍁 Happy First Week of Fall, my very favorite season. There’s something about the cooler temperature that perks me right up. Not to mention snuggly sweaters, all the pumpkins, and everything Halloween. But perhaps most of all, it’s the Fall Foliage. Yes, it has to be capitalized like that because it is a thing on the east coast. People travel miles–even states–to see it. When I … Continue reading It’s Fall, Finally

Surprise! Everything Just Changed

One night seven years ago, I woke up in the dark completely terrified and–long story short–ended up in the emergency room. (The most memorable part of that experience was when, in response to the 911 call, several gorgeous firemen burst into the bedroom and carried me out to the ambulance. If I were writing a Rom Com, hello meet-cute!) Turned out to be the first in … Continue reading Surprise! Everything Just Changed

Guest Chick: Liz Milliron

Please join us in welcoming back our wonderful friend Liz Milliron, author of The Laurel Highlands Mysteries series and The Homefront Mysteries! We are very excited to hear about her newest book–check out the gorgeous cover below. Hello to all the Chicks and thanks for having me back (again). Yes, it feels like I was just here. Maybe because I was. That’s life when you … Continue reading Guest Chick: Liz Milliron

Bookshelves I Have Known

It’s true that I already recounted the Ikea Bookshelf Saga, but let’s ponder bookshelves again today. It’s just that…they are so versatile and present. They can change a room, make artistic statements. There’s a reason they are so often featured in home decorating shows. You don’t have to look very hard on the web to find pictures of bookshelves in all sorts of dramatic configurations … Continue reading Bookshelves I Have Known

Happy Monday Morning

There’s nothing quite like a random survey on a Monday to help us procrastinate for a few precious moments before the work week kicks in fully, right?  (For a variety of reasons, I have been asked the following questions at different times in life but don’t remember what I said previously, so it’s a new adventure, yay. Let’s go!) 1. What is your favorite word? serendipity2. What is … Continue reading Happy Monday Morning

Just a Friendly Note (curious edition)

Dear Stores: When did everyone start saying “Welcome in” instead of just “Welcome”? And how did this begin? Was there a memo that I missed? Dear Designers: Can we please talk about the High-Low Hem concept? Sometimes it’s short in the front and long in the back (aka the “mullet of hemlines”) but sometimes it’s short in the back and long in the front. It’s … Continue reading Just a Friendly Note (curious edition)


Recently, I heard that many people were having trouble concentrating these days because we’ve been on high alert for so long. That definitely resonated with me. We all have much to handle, with global events and political tensions adding to the existing pressures of our personal duties and challenges. But this week has felt even more overwhelming and distressing than the previously heightened sense of being overwhelmed … Continue reading Pausing

The Lessons We Learn

Today, we bring you an interview with our wonderful friend Liz Milliron, author of the Laurel Highlands Mystery series and the Homefront Mysteries, who kindly agreed to answer some questions about her latest book, The Lessons We Learn (coming soon)! Please join the Chicks in giving her the warmest welcome! What made you interested in writing about World War II? It wasn’t so much that I … Continue reading The Lessons We Learn