Guest Chick: Jonathan Dunsky

Ellen here. I discovered Jonathan’s terrific Adam Lapid Mysteries when a woman at my gym who knows I’m a mystery writer handed me one of his books, along with a well-deserved glowing recommendation. The series is set in the late 1940s and early 1950s Israel, when the newly formed nation is struggling to find its feet and survive. Protagonist Adam Lapid, a detective in Hungary, … Continue reading Guest Chick: Jonathan Dunsky

Guest Chick: Faye Snowden (And #Giveaway)

Jennifer here, and I’m happy to welcome Faye Snowden today! Faye is offering a generous combo giveaway to one lucky winner. She’ll be sharing about how she used her bookshelf as a resource for A Killing Rain and give us some great writing self-help book recommendations. My self-help journey By Faye Snowden If you’ve listened to any of my podcast interviews or seen me on … Continue reading Guest Chick: Faye Snowden (And #Giveaway)

Guest Chick: Laura Jensen Walker

We are so pleased to welcome Laura Jensen Walker back to Chicks on the Case! Today, we’re taking a departure from our typical lighthearted posts as Laura shares her journey from memory to memoir about trauma, secrets, and healing. We’re so incredibly grateful that Laura is sharing her experiences with us and the world. ❤ Writing the Hard Stuff Thanks to Ellen and the Chicks … Continue reading Guest Chick: Laura Jensen Walker

Guest Chick: Laura Bradford

We are beyond thrilled to welcome Laura Bradford, bestselling author of the Amish Mysteries, the Emergency Dessert Squad Mysteries, the Tobi Tobias Mysteries, the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries (written as Elizabeth Lynn Casey), and the new A Friend for Hire Mysteries!   When Business Cards Are Best As all cozy readers know, the amateur sleuth is your average, run-of-the-mill “Joe” who tends to stumble upon … Continue reading Guest Chick: Laura Bradford

Guest Chick: Meri Allen

We’re thrilled to welcome our very dear friend to Chicks today! You loved her Lobster Shack mysteries, and if you haven’t read her Ice Cream Mysteries you’re in for a delicious treat. (Doesn’t that cover make you want to race to your local ice cream place?) A Castle in Connecticut? Sure! I was recently on a writers’ panel called Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (yes, they did play the … Continue reading Guest Chick: Meri Allen

Guest Chick: Nancy Cole Silverman

Leslie Karst here, pleased to present this post from fab author, Nancy Cole Silverman, whose new book, The Navigator’s Daughter, was released just yesterday. And as you’ll see, her newest release has a moving and emotional history. Take it away, Nancy! Coincidence or Fate? I’ve given up thinking that coincidence is nothing more than happenstance. For a long time, I was content to believe that … Continue reading Guest Chick: Nancy Cole Silverman

Guest Chick: Karen Whalen

We are pleased as punch to welcome Karen Whalen to Chicks today! Karen is the doubly (or triply or quadruple-y) talented author of two mysteries series, including The Tow Truck Murder Mysteries and its fabulous new release Toes on the Dash. Today Karen asks our point of view on writerly points of view. Take it away, Karen! I love writing from the first person point … Continue reading Guest Chick: Karen Whalen

Guest Chick: Krysti Meyer

Jennifer here. Please give a warm welcome to Krysti Meyer, a cozy mystery podcaster and an award-winning author! Here’s a fun conversation about her new Get Cozy podcast: How did you get into podcasting? I’ve been a fan of cozy mysteries ever since the pandemic started. They’ve been such a delightful escape from the serious issues we’ve been facing globally in the past few years. Before … Continue reading Guest Chick: Krysti Meyer

Guest Chick: J.C. Kenney

Jennifer here, and I’m welcoming J.C. back to the blog. Cheers for an ardent Chicks on the Case fan and a fun shirt enthusiast. Special congrats to J.C. on his 31st wedding anniversary! 31…and Counting! Hi, friends! It’s always a thrill to be back hanging out with the Chicks on the Case, especially today. You see, today is special because it is the 31st anniversary … Continue reading Guest Chick: J.C. Kenney