Guest Chick: Donna Schlachter

It’s my pleasure to introduce Donna Schlachter to the Chicks on the Case for her inaugural visit! The Mafia in America in History—through to the 1890s In researching my most recent release, Claire, I discovered some interesting facts about the mafia in America. • For readers who have watched The Godfather, it comes as no surprise that the mafias we recognize originated in Italy. However, … Continue reading Guest Chick: Donna Schlachter

Guest Chick: Carolyn Wilkins

The Chicks are pleased to welcome author Carolyn Wilkins as our Guest Chick today. In her book, Death At A Seance, Carolyn taps into her experience as a psychic medium. The author will give away PDFs of her new short story, A New Year’s Hex to five lucky commenters. The short story features psychic Carrie McFarland, the protagonist in in her recent mystery, Death At … Continue reading Guest Chick: Carolyn Wilkins

Guest Chick: M.A. Monnin (and a giveaway!)

Becky here, and it’s my pleasure to have Mary Monnin visit us today! She’s launching a new book and has generously offered one to a random commenter. She’s uber-cool, eh? HOBBIES IN MYSTERIES Sparkly things catch my eye. Do they catch yours, dear reader? I ask because today I’m looking at hobbies in mysteries. I collect vintage jewelry, and my heroine Stefanie Adams collects antique … Continue reading Guest Chick: M.A. Monnin (and a giveaway!)

Guest Chick: E. J. Copperman

Leslie here, pleased to present the fabulous E.J. Copperman, whose newest mystery, UKULELE OF DEATH, released just last week. And if his many hilarious past books are any guide–and based on his hilarious post today–it’s a good bet this new one will be a hoot, as well! Who Do I Write For? Okay, fine; it should be, for whom do I write? You feel better? … Continue reading Guest Chick: E. J. Copperman

Guest Chick + Giveaway! J.C. Kenney

Kathy here, and I’m so pleased to welcome back J.C. Kenney! The bestselling author of multiple series, including The Allie Cobb Mysteries, The Darcy Gaughan Mysteries, and The Elmo Simpson Mysteries, J.C. is also a webcast co-host, wonderful supporter of the mystery community, and a good friend of the blog. Today, J.C. rocks our world with a rock ‘n roll retrospective. Take it away, J.C.! … Continue reading Guest Chick + Giveaway! J.C. Kenney

Guest Chick: Michelle Corbier

Jennifer here. A warm welcome to Michelle! Read on for her inspiring words about pursuing your passions! Indulge Your Passions Recently I read “Rat,” a short story by Stephen King, about a professor who is obsessed with completing a novel. The professor’s first serious attempt at writing resulted in him suffering a mental breakdown. Although the negative impact of this attempt scarred him and his … Continue reading Guest Chick: Michelle Corbier

Guest Chick: Damyanti Biswas

Ellen here, thrilled to introduce you all to Damyanti, an author of Indian descent currently living in Singapore. She offers an absolutely fascinating perspective on what it’s like to write for an audience in another country – namely us, here in the good old U.S. of A. (And FYI, due to the time difference between countries, Damyanti’s responses to comments will probably be delayed.) Writing … Continue reading Guest Chick: Damyanti Biswas

Guest Chick: Christilisa Gilmore

We are so delighted to welcome the author of From the Kitchen of Christilisa, a Substack focused on fabulous food, books, and recipes. Christilisa is also currently working on a culinary mystery! Did Lent help me hit my writing goals? I would like to say absolutely but you know I don’t even remember them at this point. Good thing GOD knows my heart and my focus. … Continue reading Guest Chick: Christilisa Gilmore

Guest Chick: Mary Winters

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Mary Winters, author of Murder in Postscript! We’re so intrigued by her new Lady of Letters series (and what a gorgeous cover)! My Medieval Muse In college, I detested Medieval English. I was like the math major who bemoans taking a literature class. (When am I ever going to use this?) And I disliked the professor even … Continue reading Guest Chick: Mary Winters

Guest Chick: Gigi Pandian

Leslie, here, and it’s my pleasure to welcome the marvelous Gigi Pandian, author of the multiple award-winning Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt, Accidental Alchemist, and, most recently, Secret Staircase mysteries. Having read the first in this new series, Under Lock and Skeleton Key, I can tell you I’m champing at the bit to get to her newest one, The Raven Thief! Today, Gigi gives us a … Continue reading Guest Chick: Gigi Pandian