Guest Chick: Mary Winters

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Mary Winters, author of Murder in Postscript! We’re so intrigued by her new Lady of Letters series (and what a gorgeous cover)! My Medieval Muse In college, I detested Medieval English. I was like the math major who bemoans taking a literature class. (When am I ever going to use this?) And I disliked the professor even … Continue reading Guest Chick: Mary Winters

Guest Chick: Gigi Pandian

Leslie, here, and it’s my pleasure to welcome the marvelous Gigi Pandian, author of the multiple award-winning Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt, Accidental Alchemist, and, most recently, Secret Staircase mysteries. Having read the first in this new series, Under Lock and Skeleton Key, I can tell you I’m champing at the bit to get to her newest one, The Raven Thief! Today, Gigi gives us a … Continue reading Guest Chick: Gigi Pandian

Guest Chick: Kate Lansing

The Chicks are delighted to welcome back the talented and wonderful Kate Lansing. The award-winning novelist and author of the Colorado Wine Mystery series uncorks one of our favorite topics: titles. Pour it on, Kate! The Im-port-ance of Titles You know the feeling, you’re in the middle of a book when suddenly, the clouds clear and the meaning behind the title is revealed. There’s that … Continue reading Guest Chick: Kate Lansing

Guest Chick: Lyn Liao Butler

Jennifer here, and I’m excited to have Lyn on the blog today. We met in the 2020 Debuts group, and it’s been fascinating how her publishing journey has unfolded, including writing an accidental thriller! My Accidental Thriller My first two books, which came out during the pandemic, are categorized as upmarket fiction, or book club fiction. My option for the third book was supposed to … Continue reading Guest Chick: Lyn Liao Butler

Guest Chick: Sue Hinkin

Please join us in welcoming the wonderful Sue Hinkin, author of the award-winning Vega and Middleton thriller series!  What to do When Life Disrupts Your Plans I was on a roll, writing regularly with focus and discipline, religiously attending my critique group, getting work published and then, life, as it inevitably does, totally upended my plans. A fall on the ice, a concussion, years of … Continue reading Guest Chick: Sue Hinkin

Guest Chick: Galit Gottlieb

Becky here, excited to welcome Galit Gottlieb to Chicks on the Case! As someone who created goofy recipes for my Crossword Mystery series, I can totally relate to this! Want to Test Recipes for My Next Murder Mystery? In culinary mysteries, which I love reading, someone is murdered, the sleuth tries to figure out who did it, and everyone eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Over … Continue reading Guest Chick: Galit Gottlieb

Guest post: Pam Wells

The Chicks are happy to welcome as-yet unpublished cozy author Pamela Wells, who is currently in the query trenches. Pam is a member of the Colorado Chapter of Sisters in Crime and Rocky Mountain Chapter Mystery Writers of America. Today she shares a bit about her writing journey journey so far. Take it away, Pam! What does the term Groundhog Day mean to you? Do … Continue reading Guest post: Pam Wells

Guest Chick: Francelia Belton

Leslie, here, pleased to welcome back to the Chicks the fab Francelia Belton. ‘Tis the season for–or not for–new year’s resolutions, and here’s a terrific take on the issue by Francelia: To Resolute, or Not Resolute, That is the Quandary. First off, I would like to thank all the Chicks for having me back on the blog again. It’s an honor, and one that I … Continue reading Guest Chick: Francelia Belton

Guest Chick: Lynn Chandler Willis

Kathy here, and I’m delighted to welcome the first Guest Chick of 2023, Lynn Chandler Willis. Not only was Lynn one of the very first authors I had the good fortune to connect with, Lynn is also president of the Southeast Chapter of Mystery Writers of America, a Shamus Award finalist, a PWA’s Best First PI Novel winner, and the author of three series including … Continue reading Guest Chick: Lynn Chandler Willis