Conflicted About Conflict

One of the notes I got from my editor after turning in the manuscript for my very first Sally Solari mystery, Dying for a Taste, was this (paraphrased): “I want to know what Sally feels about the conflicts she’s facing. You need to show us more of the emotions she’s experiencing, especially with regard to her father and her ex-boyfriend, Eric.” Right. More emotions; bring … Continue reading Conflicted About Conflict

Procrastination… Is Makin’ Me Late*

* With apologies to Carly Simon. We’re all guilty of it. You’ve decided that now is the time to sit down and finally do whatever it is you’ve been putting off: those year-end taxes; that letter to your niece thanking her for a lovely birthday present; or perhaps organizing all those thousands of photos on your computer. But I’m thinking writers have to be the … Continue reading Procrastination… Is Makin’ Me Late*

From Boats Finds a House to Miss Marple Finds a Body

I know many of the readers of this blog would point to something such as the Nancy Drew or Encyclopedia Brown series as their early loves, but the first book I remember truly adoring as a child is Boats Finds a House, by Mary Chalmers. It’s a picture book about a cat who’s retired from working as a mouser and ratter on a sailing ship, … Continue reading From Boats Finds a House to Miss Marple Finds a Body

Guest Chick: Maddie Day

Leslie Karst here, pleased as rum punch to welcome my pal Maddie Day (aka Edith Maxwell), whose brand new mystery, Murder in a Cape Cottage, released just yesterday. Edith and I roomed together at my very first mystery writers convention, Left Coast Crime back in 2014 in Monterey, CA, and we’ve been buddies ever since. Be sure to read to the end, as there’s a … Continue reading Guest Chick: Maddie Day

Casting Sally Solari, the Movie

No, I have not, alas, been offered a contract or even an option for a movie or TV show based on my Sally Solari mystery series. But I thought it would be fun, nevertheless, to fantasize about who I would cast as the characters, were that ever were to occur. Let’s start with Sally: She’s a fourth-generation Italian, part of the community of fishermen who … Continue reading Casting Sally Solari, the Movie

Happy Release Day to Leslie Karst

Congratulations to Leslie Karst, on the release of the fifth book in her delectable Sally Solari culinary mystery series,   The Fragrance of Death Restaurateur Sally Solari is a champion, both in the kitchen and on the case, but after getting mixed up in one too many murders, she’s noticed her nonna’sfriends have now taken to crossing themselves when they see her in the street. Adding to … Continue reading Happy Release Day to Leslie Karst

Ask Marilyn About Door #1

I was reading the Parade magazine that comes with our Sunday paper a few weeks back when Robin happened to see that the page was turned to the “Ask Marilyn” column, in which the author solves puzzles and answers various questions. “Did you know she’s supposedly the smartest person in the world?” Robin said. “What?” I asked. “Yeah,” said Robin. “Look it up.” So I … Continue reading Ask Marilyn About Door #1