Guest Chick: Sandra Murphy

The Chicks are excited to welcome acclaimed short story author Sandra Murphy today, tackling a question we’ve all thought about… Where Do Ideas Come From? Something happens + a question = an idea for a story or book. Writers say, ‘I couldn’t think of anything to write’ or ‘The Muse wasn’t speaking to me.’ I don’t believe in writer’s block or The Muse. Ideas float … Continue reading Guest Chick: Sandra Murphy

Guest Chick: Sarah E. Burr

The Chicks are happy to welcome Sarah E. Burr to her first-ever Chicks post. Today she’s sharing a fascinating story about a mysterious gun unearthed on her family’s Maine property… Hi, everyone! It’s so lovely to meet you virtually, and thank you to Ellen for inviting me here today. I’m relatively new to the cozy mystery scene, having launched my first paranormal cozy, You Can’t … Continue reading Guest Chick: Sarah E. Burr

Medical Easter Eggs

Kathleen here. I’m so delighted to welcome author Susan McCormick to the coop. She recently launched THE FOG LADIES: IN THE SOUP, the third book in her Fog Ladies cozy mystery series. Fittingly, she’s here to talk about the sweet spot between mysteries and poultry: Easter eggs (the hidden message variety). Take it away, Susan! I love Easter eggs. Light blue eggs with delicate shells, … Continue reading Medical Easter Eggs

Guest Chick: Olivia Blacke

Jennifer here, and it’s always a pleasure to welcome Olivia Blacke to the blog. Has she got a treat for you today! Olivia shares about all the fun tropes that can be found in cozy mysteries! Cozy Mystery Tropes By Olivia Blacke Cozies, like every genre, have their tropes and conventions – situations and plot devices that are so synonymous with cozy mysteries that they … Continue reading Guest Chick: Olivia Blacke

Guest Chick: Lucy Burdette

Leslie here, pleased as punch to welcome the marvelous Lucy Burdette to the Chicks today. And not only does she give us an inside peek at her holiday-themed mysteries, but she’s also giving away a copy of DEATH WITH ALL THE TRIMMINGS to one lucky commenter! Take it away, Lucy! EDITED TO ADD: And the lucky winner of Death With All the Trimmings is qnofdnilesblog … Continue reading Guest Chick: Lucy Burdette

Guest Chick: Rosie Genova

The Chicks are happy to welcome Rosie Genova with her delicious debut Chicks post. Get a load of that cookie platter – yum! Early one dark December morning I opened my eyes and squinted at the clock on my nightstand—4:50. I blinked, shook my head, and had one sort-of-coherent thought: Why is that oven up so high? Yes, I even think about food in my … Continue reading Guest Chick: Rosie Genova

Guest Chick: Fleur Bradley

Becky here. I’m so happy to introduce you to Fleur Bradley, who writes really fun mysteries for kids. Fleur and I have known each other for 20 years, give or take, meeting way back when I wrote for kids. Fleur found her niche in the kidlit world, having garnered a ton of awards and accolades along the way. She’s a fantastic resource for teachers and … Continue reading Guest Chick: Fleur Bradley

Guest Chick: Wendall Thomas

Leslie here, tickled pink to welcome one of the funniest gals in our crime-writing community, the delightful and talented Wendall Thomas, whose latest Cyd Redondo mystery, Fogged Off, released just last month. And Wendall’s doing a GIVEAWAY of her new book, as well–huzzah! Take it away, Wendall! Can Those Who Can, Teach? I’ve been rich in teachers my whole life. From Miss Ketchum’s infectious reading … Continue reading Guest Chick: Wendall Thomas

Guest Chick: Barbara Howard

Jennifer here. So happy that Festive Mayhem is back! I contributed to the first limited-edition collection of holiday short stories. Today, Barbara Howard is visiting us to share about her work and Festive Mayhem 2. Thank you, Jennifer, and the rest of the Chicks on the Case crew! I’m so happy to be a guest on your blog today to share about our new limited-edition … Continue reading Guest Chick: Barbara Howard