When Life Gets Away From You

Well, hello there! If you’re wondering to yourself,” “Wow, this post is late,” it’s because yours truly dropped the ball. I blanked. While there’s no such thing as a good excuse for flaking, here was my week last week: Tuesday night – cross our beloved dog Pogo over the rainbow bridge; Wednesday – pack for the first MWA board meeting of the year in New … Continue reading When Life Gets Away From You

Good Neighbors

Robert Frost once wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” To paraphrase him in the clunkiest way possible, good neighbors also make good neighbors. And for years growing up, my family was blessed with great neighbors: the Kimbriels. We moved to Scarsdale, a New York City suburb, when I was ten. Not long after that, the Kimbriels moved next door: Dad Harry, Mom Betsy, and their … Continue reading Good Neighbors

Parenting a Teen Cured My Fear of Flying

I’ve always been afraid of flying. I do it, but not without copious amounts of Xanax and wine.  I once burned through so many sedatives traveling from New York to Australia that I thought I’d have to check into rehab when we landed. Then there was the time I burst into tears on a particularly turbulent cross-country flight and was comforted by a ten-year-old girl … Continue reading Parenting a Teen Cured My Fear of Flying