thank you, next: the magic of tidying up your writer’s life

I didn’t bother making any shiny new resolutions for my writing life this year. Sure, things had gotten a little out of control lately. I’d been stuck on the same plot problem (as in, I didn’t actually have one) for months. But that was okay, because I had Important Things to Do. Like check my Twitter feed. Continue reading thank you, next: the magic of tidying up your writer’s life

Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts – Much

Who’s the biggest Scaredy-Chick in our murder-mystery-writing flock? That would probably be me, Lisa. But lately, inspired by the launch of Cynthia’s latest title The Spirit in Question, we’ve had a few interesting debates about the existence of ghosts. I happened to casually mention somewhere that I’d once had a close encounter with a poltergeist, and Mariella made me promise I’d give the dirt. So I will tell you the story, if you promise not to think I’m crazy. But no one wants to believe ghosts aren’t real more than me. Trust me on that, at least. Continue reading Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts – Much

Recipe Cards From the Edge: Blueberry Edition

About two months ago, I got The Call.  And no, it wasn’t my agent, or my publisher, or Ed McMahon from beyond the grave to inform me I’d won an unfathomable amount of cash from Publishers Clearinghouse. It was a Facebook message from my dear friend, Coffeehouse Mysteries author Cleo Coyle, with an invitation to guest on her multi-author, culinary mystery blog. I accepted on the spot, of course. Continue reading Recipe Cards From the Edge: Blueberry Edition

Directions to Cozyland

I’m looking for the perfect town. It can’t be too hot or too cold, too rich or too poor, too big or too small, and preferably there will be an adorable cat or dog and a plate of cookies at every house and shop. Oh, and this town must have at least one charming bookstore, multiple gourmet restaurants, a sleepy police department, and very few troublesome children. I’d like to visit the area in person, you see, but even the combined power of Google Maps, Siri and Waze can’t seem to locate it. Can you tell me how to get to Cozy Street? Continue reading Directions to Cozyland

Motives for Murder: The Rose Wars

Before I explain why those innocent-looking, sweet-smelling roses on your desk or nightstand could drive you to homicide, I have to set the record straight. When I was too young to know better, I thought all roses were, in the words of kid detective Flossie Bobbsey, bee-yoo-tiful. Each year my mom designed four enormous rose gardens and I got to weed my way through every … Continue reading Motives for Murder: The Rose Wars

There’s No Crying in Book Club

Everyone loves book club, right? Sharing your favorite titles with friends, great refreshments, and woohoo, a night out! Sometimes, though, things can go awry. My co-sleuths Summer and Dorothy found that out the hard way when they started their own book club to catch a librarian’s murderer on their second case, Permanently Booked. Here are a few potentially sticky book club “situations”—and a little advice—from the Ladies Smythe … Continue reading There’s No Crying in Book Club