The Romance of Jessica Fletcher

Lisa has been running behind on everything all summer–including last week’s celebration of International Angela Lansbury Appreciation Day. Since further festivities are in order, and Angie herself is not adverse to re-runs, here’s an encore post Lisa wrote about the beloved detective who never missed a deadline: J.B. Fletcher of Murder She Wrote. Continue reading The Romance of Jessica Fletcher

The Terror of Book Two

Tomorrow, September 13th, BODY ON THE BAYOU, the second book in my Cajun Country Mystery series, launches. I should be all… But instead, I’m all…   When your debut novel gets published, you’re nervous, but it’s more of a giddy-nervous than an uh-oh-I-better-not-be-a-one-hit-wonder nervous. Everyone is excited for you. Family and friends buy your book just to show their support. There are contests specifically devoted … Continue reading The Terror of Book Two

How NOT to Get Away with Murder: 8 Perfect Ladies You Don’t Want to Mess With

Whenever anyone called me “young lady” as a kid, I knew I was in trouble. Mostly for not acting like a lady—whatever that meant. From what I understood, ladies smiled a lot and never interrupted. They wore pearls and perfume and little black dresses. They kept their legs crossed at the ankles and ate a lot of salad. It also helped if they were dead ringers … Continue reading How NOT to Get Away with Murder: 8 Perfect Ladies You Don’t Want to Mess With

Partners in Crime Solving

Ask any mystery author what books she read as a kid, and there’s a 99.79 percent chance she’ll answer, Nancy Drew.  But after everyone else grew up, I was still hanging out—every day—with the intrepid girl detective and her chums.  It was my job, because I was a Nancy Drew book editor. Nancy was the perfect crime solver. Maybe a bit too perfect: uber-intelligent, brave, … Continue reading Partners in Crime Solving