Book-a-Palooza: My Big Fat Book Birthday

CotC Marla CooperToday’s the day! Terror in Taffeta is now officially a real book. You’d think a girl would get a break, but I went straight from finishing Book Two to publicizing Book One, and during the last couple of weeks I’ve been writing blog post after blog post to spread the word. With each post, I found myself thinking, I wish I could share this on Chicks. So you know what? That’s exactly what I’m going to do!

So here we go: my blog roundup in celebration of my Big Fat Book Birthday!

The Predictive Ability of HouseplantsImage 2 - orchid

So here’s where I was two years ago. I had just completed my manuscript, and I headed off to Left Coast Crime in the hopes of learning everything I possibly could about getting a book published. While I was there, I bought an orchid that we now refer to as the Magical Blossoming Oracle…

Read more at Wicked Cozy Authors

Dealing with a Bridesmaid-Zilla

We’ve all heard horror stories about Bridezillas, those spoiled brats in big gowns who think the world revolves around them. But in reality, most brides just want to have a great day surrounded by their friends and family. In my book, it’s the bridesmaids who are much more likely to behave badly…

Read more at Reflective Bride

The Perks (and Dangers!) of a Destination Wedding

There are a lot of great reasons to throw a destination wedding, but keep in mind that there are also some dangerous pitfalls to avoid. (This should also serve as fair warning to anyone who’s about to check the “will attend” box on the RSVP card. Think it through, people!)…

Read more at Heroes and Heartbreakers

A Day in the Life of Kelsey McKenna

“Destination wedding planner? What’s that?” That’s one reaction I get when I tell people what I do for a living. Of course, I don’t hear it nearly as often as I used to, now that turning weddings into big group vacations is all the rage. Seems like everyone has a cousin who’s getting married in Hawaii or a best friend from college who’s planning an intimate little ceremony on the Amalfi Coast…

Read more at Dru’s Book Musings

The Accidental MuseScreen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.17.54 PM

It’s a question writers get asked a lot: “Where do you get your ideas?” Really, they can come from anywhere—an overheard conversation, a memory from the past, an interesting story in the news. But the idea for my series about a destination wedding planner came to me like a gift from the universe—one that came wrapped in pretty, metallic paper with an expertly tied bow on top…

Read more at Jungle Red Writers

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.31.21 PMMysteristas

And come say hi over at Mysteristas on March 31, when I’ll be answering their world-famous author Q&A. Actually, don’t wait till March 31. Go check them out now! They’re a fun group of gals that includes Cynthia Kuhn, author of The Semester of our Discontent, which comes out in just two weeks on April 5!

Check out Mysteristas

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Writing, writing, and more writing. And when it’s time to take a break, I do a little more writing!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been part of this amazing journey. Half the fun has been connecting with readers and other writers. Actually, it’s more like about 83% of the fun.

Okay, I feel like I’ve been doing all the talking. Tell me something about you in the comments below. Or link to your blog post that I should come read!

11 thoughts on “Book-a-Palooza: My Big Fat Book Birthday

  1. Sparkling congratulations in neon to you! (And thank you for the sweet shout-out, aw.) Can’t decide whether I should wait for Malice to buy your book and have you sign it or to get it now because I can’t wait any longer…

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