Always something new in NOLA

Hey, y’all! The “y’all” is due to me currently being in New Orleans. Which reminds me, we have to spend today getting Eliza’s car serviced, so apologies if I’m slow to respond to comments.

So, about New Orleans. I’ve been here more times than I can count. And among the many things I love about the city is how in my wanderings I always discover something new. I’ve meandered through the Garden District (where my new Vintage Cookbook Mystery series is set) a bazillion times, yet somehow missed these gorgeous homes…

I also missed this incredibly kind water gift to thirsty locals, tourists, and doggies – who even get treats in the mailbox…

I’ve spent countless hours in the French Quarter. Was this old ad always there or was it recently exposed? Either way, it’s new to me…

Also new to me is this necklace featuring St. Louis Cathedral on Jackson Square, which I bought at the state museum gift shop, housed on the bottom floor of the 1850 house, which I’d never seen until two days ago…

I could share a ton more pictures of delightful new discoveries. But the most important new sight I had on this trip is the one that brought us here… Eliza graduating from Loyola University when she walked up onto this stage to receive her diploma for her degree in Finance and Marketing from the school’s College of Business.

While so many sights in this city will be forever emblazoned on my brain, none will induce the overwhelming emotions of this moment. Go, Wolfpack! And Go, Eliza!

(Sidebar: If you’re wondering why I’m not sharing a picture of our new grad, it’s because she insists on photo approval. Can you tell the kid was raised in Hollywood?)

Readers, what new things have you discovered about your favorite place, home, vacay, or otherwise?

52 thoughts on “Always something new in NOLA

  1. Congratulations to your whole family, Ellen! What a wonderful event to celebrate and best wishes to Eliza as she begins this new chapter in her life!

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  2. Nola , one of my all-time favorite places. Can’t wait to go back. I have a street car necklace like your cathedral one. Congrats to Eliza. Is she leaving New Orleans?

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  3. Congratulations to Eliza (and you) from another mom of a recent college grad. Very exciting!

    I recently learned that Buffalo has dozens of tunnels (not necessarily a system, but more than I imagined) under it. You bet that will be part of an upcoming book!

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    1. Oh Liz, that is so cool! Perfect for your series. New Orleans has them too except Colleen Mooney already used them in one of her books and I feel like I’d be copying.

      And congrats on your daughter’s graduation!

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  4. I found one of my (new) favorite places is the Blue Ridge Mtns., NC. OMG- stunning! I didn’t want the trip to end. I also have been in quite a love affair with NYC. Always something new to see there.

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      1. The Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina right up against the Tennessee border or New York City? I’m not sure what place you’re asking about, Madeleine. Both are fabulous in vastly different ways.


  5. Congrats to you and Eliza! (No more tuition is a sob-inducing revelation.) I still find new things about my little town, even though I’ve lived here for 32 years. And despite the fact I grew up at the base of Pikes Peak, I didn’t go to the top until 2010 or so. (I did, however, know it was there!)

    Those old houses are gorgeous!

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  6. Yay for Eliza! Happy for you and your family! (And that necklace is pretty…)

    I’ve never been to NOLA but one day… Would love to have you as a tour guide, El!

    I’m always finding new spots near me. Funnily enough, I read this article during shutdown about these amazing places to check out and couldn’t go. I did end up exploring this nearby creek, where I saw tadpoles hatching, though.

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    1. Yes, the first time we went to NOLA, Houlihan’s had Oyster Happy Hour at 10 cents each. We ate three dozen in the late 1970s.

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  7. Huge congratulations to to Eliza! And such a beautiful moment for her proud parents!

    I’ve had some wonderful times in NOLA–my two favorites being 10-cent oysters and 50-cent beer back in the early ’80s, and walking around the historic cemeteries on the outskirts of town. (As for your new necklace, my sister just sang in a concert in St. Louis Cathedral two weeks ago!)

    Allez, Eliza!

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  8. Ellen, I love your new “finds”—and huge congrats again to Eliza!! I swear, feels as if she JUST applied to colleges. Very best for her happiness and success. I am posting from one of my favorite places, Brooklyn. Sadly, although I’ve returned here a lot lately, my daughter and her family will be moving soon so this trip is bittersweet. There are always lots of new things to discover here (especially amazing new restaurants) as the neighborhood is always changing, but…I find I still love the old things best. Go (Brooklyn) Dodgers!

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  9. Thanks for sharing a bit of NOLA with us, El — it’s always a fun visit!
    Major congrats and best wishes to Eliza! I loved their “second line” style recessional Video on your FB!

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  10. Sending warm congratulations to Eliza and her proud parents – it seems like she just started school! How do four years go by so quickly? Wishing her all the best as she begins the next step. Must say, photo approval? My kind of girl!
    I think we need to set up a writers retreat in one of those wonderful old houses and you can be our tour guide, Ellen.

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  11. Congratulations to Eliza! What a huge milestone, although I feel as if she just left for college not too long ago. Best wishes to her with whatever she decides to do next!

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  12. With all the years going to NOLA, we never found nor heard of City Park nor the original Art Deco Airport until we just happened on them a couple of years ago. So many treasures out there and always great to discover them. Just ordered Muffulettas from Central Grocery through Goldbelly’s for the 2nd time. They are fabulous and freeze well and last us a long time as they are huge, and we cut them into quarters and share those for lunch heated up. We like them hot. Gambino’s bread! We finally went to Domisile’s for oyster Po’boys on Ledenheimer bread.

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    1. We went to Domalise’s last week! And got oyster po’boys! And that art deco airport… We took a drive out there one of our trips and I took a million photos.


  13. GORGEOUS photos, Ellen, and huuuuuuuuuuuge congrats to Eliza!!! Seems like just yesterday she graduated from high school!

    I find that I learn so much about my hometown when I play tourist. Plus it’s always fun if microbrew tasting is involved.


  14. I have never been to New Orleans but I have the rather interesting experience of moving back after 15 years away to an area I spent many years living in. So many things are familiar but a bit different at the same time. How’s the saying go? You can’t ever go home again. Well, not to the exact home I remember anyway.


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