No one is safe (from my promo)

Ellen here. Unless you are off the grid or have been living under a rock, you may have heard I recently had a book come out. (BAYOU BOOK THIEF, FIRST BOOK IN THE NEW VINTAGE COOKBOOK MYSTERIES, BUY IT NOW, YES THIS IS A LINK!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anyhoo, I have unleashed a relentless assault of promotion on the world, and it appears no one is safe from it – even my own family. Case in point: we recently shipped our daughter’s car from New Orleans to Los Angeles so it will be here for her when she comes home after graduation and her summer job. She packed a few of her favorite things into the car, like her dresser and very cool steel bookcase. There’s no room in her bedroom for the items, which meant finding places in the rest of the house for them.

We put the dresser against a wall in the living room. But something wasn’t quite right…

I pondered and pondered, and finally I realized what was missing. What could it be, what it could be? Brainstorm! Of course…

My books! THAT’S what was missing!

When it came to the bookshelf, the answer was so much easier. Why have it sit empty in our entry hallway, when…

It could hold samples of ALL of my books?

Eliza has rolled her eyes and accepted that I’ve put her beloved possessions to very good use – at least in my opinion. But there’s one item I simply can’t figure out how to co-opt and turn into a promotional tool…

Any suggestions, readers?

37 thoughts on “No one is safe (from my promo)

  1. It’s time to read an Ellen Byron book? I’m thinking more for a Shameless Shilling promo than just something to have around the house, I guess.

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  2. Fun promo, Ellen! Use one of the image distortion apps to twist the book cover into a twin of the clock. That’ll get their attention!

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  3. Use the clock to promote the book with a few 5 star reviews. “This book is on fire. The reviews are so hot, time itself is melting!”

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    1. Jen, I like your artistic approach. We once had an interior decorator suggest we hang floating glass shelves as a room divider. I told him that if they swung, we’d be in danger of decapitating someone. Or ourselves.

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  4. Love your redecorating scheme, El–repurposing is so on trend. And you can promote your book from any room in the house, so you won’t have to clean as much! I think I need that clock for my office, as a time-wasting reminder.

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  5. At some point this week, I will be making graphics for all these ideas! I’ll have to figure out how to do the distorting thing, though. Those apps scare me. They want too much information. There has to be another way…

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  6. Hey, everyone! I already made 3 graphics based on these ideas. (Since Mark offered the first “time” pitch, I gave him credit for it.) I couldn’t figure out how to distort my book cover, so that’s on hold. But keep an eye out over the next few days! Thanks!!

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