All Things Cozy and Warm

I don’t like the rain. There, I said it. Sorry, El…I know you’re a pluviophile.

To be fair, I do appreciate the water and the survival of plants. I also like being inside and reading a book on rainy days. I could do without the flooding and severe weather warnings, though. Apparently, I also can’t handle multiple days of rain and sequential weekends spent indoors.

I started to feel trapped, so I tried to stay busy. What did I do?

I wrapped myself in this nice handmade, crocheted blanket. (One of my kids won it as a prize, but I, um, borrowed it.)

I even made cozy sweater cookies to give me comfy vibes.

There must be a running food theme because I also cooked a bubbling pot of jook, or rice porridge. (By the way, it takes hours to seep in the flavors). We used to make congee after Thanksgiving when we had plenty of leftover turkey or whenever we felt sick. It’s like a deluxe version of healing chicken soup.

In preparation, I also overstocked on movies from the library. And, yes, I still do check out films from my local branch. There’s probably no way we’ll get through the stack by the return date.

During a pause from movie watching, I figured it was high time to try out this recipe I had lying around. For pickled onions. Indeed, I felt very productive as I pickled (my first time!).

I’ve got friends who craft handmade jams and preserves, and I figure they must feel accomplished–because I did! Sadly, I’ve since realized that I don’t actually like eating pickled onions, but the jar makes for a nice centerpiece.

Happily, before I could attempt more dubious feats, the sun came out. A rainbow adorned the sky.

Tell me, what do you do on rainy days?

25 thoughts on “All Things Cozy and Warm

  1. One or two rainy days in a row doesn’t bother me, Jen. More than that and the depression begins to tick up a notch. It’s not the rain as much as it’s the lack of sun.
    When I find myself getting down, I do something to break up my routine. Anything from a trip to the coffee shop for writing time to some time spent at my local bookstore. Eventually, the sun returns and all is well. Cheers!

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  2. I think I just do what I usually do every day, I play online, I read, and I take care of my needy senior dachshund. I can’t leave her side, so I don’t go out much, or she needs a sitter. She’s been through a lot.

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  3. I don’t mind some rain (I certainly wouldn’t live half time in Hilo if I did!). But when it’s gray and gloomy with no sun for days on end, it tends to get to me, even if it’s still in the 70s outdoors. Give me 40 degrees and sunny, any day!

    But when it does rain, the silver lining means that it’s a good day for popcorn and old movies! Yippee! (And glad the deluge has finally subsided from California, Jen and Ellen!)

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  4. All those deluges from atmospheric rivers must be strange to Californians used to multiple years of drought. Here in Ontario, it’s days of snow not rain. Another 4″ of snow today. It’s pretty to look at both from indoors and going out in the white stuff. Like others, it is the multiple gray, dreary skies that get me down. We have only seen some sun on 2 days this month!

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  5. Not nearly as much as you do, Jen! I nap and have chocolate. I’ve taken to leaving Minnesota in January for sunny places because too many cloudy or subzero days, and I become SAD. Bright colorful movies help.

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  6. Jen, I’m so impressed (and tempted to snack) by that sweater cookie! For us in the UP, it’s snow rather than rain. Luckily a blanket of snow reflects light to brighten the view out the window, and snowflakes falling add sparkle, too. I think that means, for me, a number of snowy days in a row doesn’t bring me down like a string of rainy days. Hope you have plenty of sunny days ahead this winter!

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  7. Mark Twain really did say, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.” We go from sun to rain to snow to mud to ice to nor’easters to humidity to blazing heat in no time flat. And year-round, except summer “snow” is really hail. The first thing New Englanders talk about is the weather– a guaranteed icebreaker and general point of agreement. But this whole month we’ve been in a weird stretch of gray, rain, and snow. Cabin fever is real when the ponds won’t freeze for hockey or ice fishing and the snowmobile paths turn to mush. The skiiers get a reprieve because the ski places make their own snow. But it’s perfect weather for writing!

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      1. Jennifer J. Chow–I worked 34 puzzles last year. Missed my goal of more. 2021 I had worked 35, so I of course, wanted to beat that goal. I work 100 piece and do them by myself as my husband does not care for them. I also read 59 books last year plus several kindle stories. Personal records for me. I have only worked one puzzle this year and am trying to finish my 2nd one which is a hard one–3 Gnomes and the entire background is white and grey. Making progress but not like I would normally. I am going to read your Death by Bubble Tea book that I bought soon. My best friend and I buy books (we love the feel of a real book) and share, and she keeps them all in a closet turned library. Her husband and brother-in-law work puzzles and we trade those and then pass them on to someone else also. So, it is all good.


  8. Your rainy day works look delicious. (I am seriously eyeing that cookie!)

    Since I live in the high desert, most of the (scant) precipitation we get is in the form of snow. On those rare days it does rain, I’m all about a cozy movie (rom-com, please) and hot chocolate. Now that I think about it…the same can be said for snow!


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