Crime of Passion

Writers, especially snooty ones, often thump their chest and testify to all who will listen their all-consuming passion for the written word. Specifically, their written words. But I never quite believe them because, in case you haven’t heard me whine about it before, writing is HARD. However, if given the choice between writing and a root canal, I will always choose writing. I will also … Continue reading Crime of Passion

Viva La Frivolous Lawsuit

I saw some funny warning labels recently that made me laugh. They also made me wonder about the lawsuits that surely must have prompted them. on a personal watercraft: “Never use a lit match or open flame to check fuel level.” on an iron-on T-shirt transfer: “Do not iron while wearing shirt.” on a baby stroller featuring a small pouch for storage: “Do not put … Continue reading Viva La Frivolous Lawsuit


We love mysteries here at Chicks on the Case, so here are some spooky things that have disappeared—poof—without a trace. The Little Mermaid’s voice—first in 1837 then again in 1989 then AGAIN in 2007 Agatha Christie—for ten days in 1926 Roald Amundsen—lost over the Arctic searching for missing explorer, 1928 Amelia Earhart—pilot, lost over the Pacific, 1937 Glenn Miller—big-band leader, lost without a trace over … Continue reading Disappeared

One Chapter Ends While One Begins

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in BeckyLand. On August 16, my seven siblings and I gathered for a reunion with our spouses in Manitou Springs, Colorado. We took over the entire Avenue Hotel Bed & Breakfast, a fantastic place to stay. We’d planned the reunion long before my dad died, so used the opportunity of having us all together to conduct his inurnment … Continue reading One Chapter Ends While One Begins

I’ll Take ‘What’s Annoying Becky’ for 500, Alex

I’m normally a very sunny person. No wild mood swings. Ridiculously optimistic. Annoyingly chipper very early in the morning. Able to see humor in everything, mostly myself. But like any sapling nibbled by beavers, sometimes I just have to yell, “Dam!” So, forget politics, genocide, racism, misogyny and all the rest. Let’s talk about important stuff … the things that are currently annoying me. The … Continue reading I’ll Take ‘What’s Annoying Becky’ for 500, Alex

Newsletters or Snooze-letters?

I have a love-hate relationship with author newsletters, my own So Seldom It’s Shameful News in particular. We authors are told that we must have an email newsletter as a way to interact with our readers. Of course we do that on our blogs and on Facebook pretty regularly, but those platforms can go away at any time, we’re just guests there. The only thing … Continue reading Newsletters or Snooze-letters?