Of Rats and Newborn Koalas

Yesterday was release day for RAT RACE (yay!) But I’ll tell you, I never thought it would get here. Not because I was wiggly with excitement like I usually am for a new release, but because I honestly wasn’t sure I could make it happen. I’m sure you heard—because I whined about it incessantly and melodramatically—that I was sick for almost 8 weeks. And not … Continue reading Of Rats and Newborn Koalas

Guest Chick: Galit Gottlieb

Becky here, excited to welcome Galit Gottlieb to Chicks on the Case! As someone who created goofy recipes for my Crossword Mystery series, I can totally relate to this! Want to Test Recipes for My Next Murder Mystery? In culinary mysteries, which I love reading, someone is murdered, the sleuth tries to figure out who did it, and everyone eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Over … Continue reading Guest Chick: Galit Gottlieb

If a picture is worth a thousand words …

… then my phone is every set of the World Book Encyclopedia hidden in Grandma’s basement, stored on thrift store shelves, and sitting in dusty library back rooms. Several months ago I got a bee in my bonnet about the photos piling up on my phone—I mean, have you SEEN my dog??—so I uploaded them all to my laptop. The idea was that I’d sort … Continue reading If a picture is worth a thousand words …

Guest Chick: Olivia Blacke

Becky here, to welcome Olivia Blacke and her pugalicious pal, Baileycakes to Chicks! She’s talking about focusing today, so get your fill of Baileycakes before you start reading. Total Silence or Total Chaos – How Do You Focus? Everyone has their own way of doing things that works best for them. Whether they are crunching numbers or writing their next novel, some people need complete … Continue reading Guest Chick: Olivia Blacke

A Writer’s Charcuterie

I’m writing PLOTTED, book #2 of my new Sugar Mill Marketplace series. Right now, the Marketplace consists of a used bookstore, bakery, chocolate shop, photography studio, and a cheese shop. My cheesemonger, Skyler (think Meg Ryan back in the day), is teaching a charcuterie board class after the Marketplace closes one Friday night, so I had to do some research about how to design cheese … Continue reading A Writer’s Charcuterie

The Ear of the Beholder

The other day I stumbled on a list of Top Ten Irritating Phrases, as one does when one is searching for yet another synonym for “looked.” • At the end of the day• Fairly unique• Hashtag blessed• At this moment in time• With all due respect• I’m just being honest• Shouldn’t of• 24/7• It’s not rocket science• I could care less I would like to … Continue reading The Ear of the Beholder

But Officer, I’m Sure That’s Right!

I was out with writer friends recently and the discussion turned to language, as it does. We were at Happy Hour after our Sisters in Crime meeting. During the meeting that morning, someone used the word “peripatetic.” Because I’m me, I loudly confessed my ignorance and demanded a definition. (Turns out I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know, so YOU’RE WELCOME, CLASS!) The only … Continue reading But Officer, I’m Sure That’s Right!

Guest Chick: Meri Allen

We’re thrilled to welcome our very dear friend to Chicks today! You loved her Lobster Shack mysteries, and if you haven’t read her Ice Cream Mysteries you’re in for a delicious treat. (Doesn’t that cover make you want to race to your local ice cream place?) A Castle in Connecticut? Sure! I was recently on a writers’ panel called Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (yes, they did play the … Continue reading Guest Chick: Meri Allen