It’s Global Belly Laugh Day!

Yes, folks, today, January 24th, happens to be Global Belly Laugh Day. (Where the heck do they come up with these things, anyway? Could we invent a Global “Sit Around and Eat Donuts and Read Mysteries” Day? If so, I’m in!) So, to observe this momentous (and silly) occasion, we are sharing some of our favorite–or perhaps merely most groan-worthy–jokes and funny stories. Continue reading “It’s Global Belly Laugh Day!”

Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!

Season’s greetings, beloved readers! We wish you and yours the happiest of happy holiday seasons and a bright New Year. We’ll see you in January – the 6th, to be exact – but thought we’d celebrate the end of a year with some photos from each Chick’s early beginnings. Leslie Karst Ellen Byron Lisa Q. Mathews Vickie Fee Cynthia Kuhn Kathleen Valenti Becky Clark Readers, … Continue reading Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!

Holiday Cheats

We Chicks were whining, er, chatting about how busy we always are, especially during the holidays. After some more whining, er, discussion, we realized we weren’t alone in the shortcuts we surreptitiously took to make the food/decorating/shopping/hosting magic happen every year. Because we’re all friends here on the internet, we decided to come clean, and hope YOU share some of your Holiday Cheats with us so we don’t have to whine, er, nonchalantly request, even more ways to be lazy, er, efficient. Continue reading “Holiday Cheats”

Our Favorite Fourth of July Memories

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress declared that the thirteen colonies of America were no longer subject (and subordinate) to the monarch of Britain and were now united, free, and independent states.

Of course, these days, many of us also associate the holiday with barbecues, fireworks, parades, baseball, and other festive, beginning-of-summer activities. So we thought it would be fun to reminisce today about some of our favorite memories celebrating America’s birthday, or whatever makes the day special to us. Continue reading “Our Favorite Fourth of July Memories”

Gone to Left Coast Crime 2019

This week, some of the Chicks are attending Left Coast Crime. We’ll be appearing in the following panels, with book signings to follow. We are also looking forward to meeting those of you who signed up for our Author-Reader Connection. If you’re in Vancouver at the conference, please say hello! Ellen Byron Culinary Mysteries Lefty Humorous Award Nominees Becky Clark Not So Traditional Traditionals Kellye … Continue reading Gone to Left Coast Crime 2019