Book-a-Palooza: My Big Fat Book Birthday

CotC Marla CooperToday’s the day! Terror in Taffeta is now officially a real book. You’d think a girl would get a break, but I went straight from finishing Book Two to publicizing Book One, and during the last couple of weeks I’ve been writing blog post after blog post to spread the word. With each post, I found myself thinking, I wish I could share this on Chicks. So you know what? That’s exactly what I’m going to do!

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Marla Cooper

T Minus Two Months to Terror in Taffeta

Over the weekend, my husband and I were taking a hike, and he told me about a podcast he’d been listening to. In it, a Broadway actor named David Costabile—who also played Gale Boetticher on Breaking Bad—told a story about auditioning at the Schubert Theatre, which was the first Broadway theatre he’d ever been in. He walked out on stage and said, “Listen, before I get started, … Continue reading T Minus Two Months to Terror in Taffeta

Marla Cooper

Spam-o-Rama: Our non-readers speak!

CotC Word balloonsSo, a funny thing happens when you start a blog. Well, several funny things happen, but one of them is spam comments. After we’d been doing this a few weeks, I noticed that WordPress had been sequestering them in their own special spam folder, so I decided to take a look to make sure none of our readers’ comments had been put there by mistake. Continue reading “Spam-o-Rama: Our non-readers speak!”