Chick Chat: Why Our Local Libraries Rock!

We all love libraries; that’s a no-brainer, right? I mean c’mon, books. For free. With fabulous librarians who can help with a research question, or provide advise on whose mysteries are most like those by Diane Mott Davidson or Donna Leon. Not only that, but they buy and circulate books written by the CHICKS—wow!

Our Chick Chat question for today, however, is this: What is it about our own local libraries that we most appreciate? What special resources or services do our town’s libraries provide that we want to, er…crow about?

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What’s your favorite story about Louisiana?

This week, we’re celebrating the release of Ellen’s Cajun Country debut novel, PLANTATION SHUDDERS.  In honor of the new mystery series, which critics describe as a “brilliant book that takes us to Louisiana,” we’re sharing our favorite stories about the Pelican State. Don’t forget to share your own Louisiana stories in the comments section.

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