Writer vs. Muse: A Twisted Tail

By now we’re two weeks into the New Year. The balloons have deflated and the party hats and horns and champagne glasses are packed up or recycled. Every other writer I know is officially back to work, committed to ambitious daily word counts. But me? I have to wait until January 28th, the dawn of the Chinese New Year. Here’s why. Long before the popular call to abolish 2016, it … Continue reading Writer vs. Muse: A Twisted Tail

Bess Marvin Lives! (Again.)

Lisa is still (yes, still) in book jail, but she’s going to be sprung very soon (and she means it this time!). Hope you’ll enjoy this encore presentation on one of her favorite subjects: Nancy Drew. Nancy, of course, always finishes her assignments ahead of time. But someone else might be just a teensy bit slower… I’m no expert on Nancy Drew—but in the early 90s, it was (literally) … Continue reading Bess Marvin Lives! (Again.)

When Write Goes Wrong: Blame Murphy

As a kid, I loved to visit my Aunt Beth. The walls of her tiny kitchen were covered with cheerful things: painted shamrocks, family photos, palm crosses, hanging mugs. I was especially fascinated by all the little wooden plaques with silly quotes, bar jokes, and household “rules.” One of them, though—from some guy named Murphy—wasn’t quite as funny. It said, “Murphy’s Law: If it Can … Continue reading When Write Goes Wrong: Blame Murphy