Trying to define the “Quality of Life”

This photo is both hilarious and heartbreaking. Last week, Jer and I traveled to Baton Rouge for the Louisiana Book Festival, then down to New Orleans for Halloween. Our recent college grad daughter Eliza is back home, and she babysat Pogo, our sixteen-year-old chihuahua mix rescue. Pogo has been on a bit of a downward slide over the last year. In September of 2021, he … Continue reading Trying to define the “Quality of Life”

Guest Chick: A.R. Kennedy

Ellen here, and I’m so happy to welcome A.R. Kennedy to her first Chicks post. Don’t miss the darling photos of her doggies! My Writing Companions People often wonder how does a writer write. But a more entertaining question is “Who does a writer write with?” This author writes with these two small pups. They are usually running around my condo. Occasionally, they are sleeping. … Continue reading Guest Chick: A.R. Kennedy

The ties that bind and the drama that surrounds them

The Chicks are thrilled to welcome wonderful author Mary Feliz today. Take it away, Mary…   Professional organizer Maggie McDonald knows there is no organizational project as daunting as a wedding. In fact, even she turns such projects over to the wedding organizers. (See Marla Cooper’s series featuring destination wedding planner Kelsey McKenna.) For an author, juggling the wedding of my youngest scheduled days after … Continue reading The ties that bind and the drama that surrounds them

Cat and Dog Mystery Tour

The Chicks are happy to welcome the Cat and Dog Mystery Tour today, featuring some of your favorite cozy authors – AND a giveaway! Read on to learn more about the authors, their pets, and the prize… Hello from the cat and dog cozy mystery series authors! We’re so thankful to the wonderful Chicks for hosting us this Friday, and for all of you readers … Continue reading Cat and Dog Mystery Tour

The Zen of Picking up Dog Poo

Yes, you read that post title right. And no, this isn’t an Onion article. I love dogs. I mean, LOVE them. A guy’s lack of interest in canine parenting was the potential deal-breaker in any relationship. “You don’t see a dog in your future? Then we have no future. Buh-bye.” But with dogs comes  responsibility for their care and feeding. They need vet visits. Grooming. … Continue reading The Zen of Picking up Dog Poo