Guest Chick: Kimberly O’Malley

Ellen here, welcoming Kimberly O’Malley to her first Chicks visit. She shares a touching story of how becoming a mom and an author were intertwined for her. When Writing Becomes Therapy I never meant to be a writer. I mean I was always good at writing; it came easily to me. And that really helped in nursing school, but I never set out to be … Continue reading Guest Chick: Kimberly O’Malley

Going to the Mattresses

Gentle readers, this post may be a bit short, and bittersweet. But I promise there will be something warm and fuzzy at the end. A little more than a week ago, my husband and I were cozily binge-watching Longmire on the couch with our Golden Retriever, basking in the glow of a recent holiday season spent with friends and family. My latest manuscript was safely … Continue reading Going to the Mattresses