Parenting a Teen Cured My Fear of Flying

I’ve always been afraid of flying. I do it, but not without copious amounts of Xanax and wine.  I once burned through so many sedatives traveling from New York to Australia that I thought I’d have to check into rehab when we landed. Then there was the time I burst into tears on a particularly turbulent cross-country flight and was comforted by a ten-year-old girl … Continue reading Parenting a Teen Cured My Fear of Flying

Welcome, Seven Sinister Sisters

The Chicks: Thanks for paying us a visit, Seven Sinister Sisters! The Seven Sinister Sisters: Thanks so much to Ellen Byron for inviting us, and to all the terrific Chicks on the Case for hosting the Seven Sinister Sisters on our grand blog tour! We are seven mystery authors, all members of Sisters in Crime, with new books launching this spring. Our question for today: … Continue reading Welcome, Seven Sinister Sisters

10 Most Dangerous Things to Say to an Author

Last year at our annual family Thanksgiving celebration, I was happily basking in the warm glow and shiny hope of Debut Authordom. The first book in my digital mystery series The Ladies Smythe & Westin had just been published. But by the time we all gathered together again a month later, I wanted to dive under the Christmas tablecloth. A favorite relative came up and handed me a glass of … Continue reading 10 Most Dangerous Things to Say to an Author