Guest Chick: M.E. Browning

Ellen here, so happy to welcome my friend, Micki, aka M.E. Browning. Micki’s a fantastic writer and I’m super excited about her new procedural suspense mystery, SHADOW RIDGE. I loved reading about the unique collection of books that populate her bookshelf, and you will too. Welcome, Micki/M.E.! In Defense of the Incredibility Bookcase I came to social media kicking and screaming. During my twenty-two years … Continue reading Guest Chick: M.E. Browning

Guest Chick: Lois Winston

Ellen here, happy to welcome Lois Winston , author of the awesome Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mysteries, to her Chicks debut! A pain-in-the-you-know-what mother-in-law. A chatty parrot. One inspired by real life, one total fiction. Read on to find out which is which… A Curmudgeon of a Mother-in-Law and a Shakespeare-Quoting Parrot What do a nasty mother-in-law and a Shakespeare-quoting parrot have in common? They’re both … Continue reading Guest Chick: Lois Winston