Friday Fun Facts

For our first blog, we discussed our favorite books. This time we decided to tell you a bit more about ourselves. Read on to learn 5 random facts about each of the Chicks and share some of your own in the comments. 

Lisa Q. Mathews

Top 3 TVCotC Word balloons Mystery Shows (recent): Broadchurch, The Killing, and The Mysteries of Laura (Yes. If I were a police detective I would want Debra Messing’s character as my partner.)
Fave Female Amateur Sleuth: Jessica Fletcher (Like many mystery writers, I plan to actually be her when I grow up.)
Must-have Writing Snack: Mint chip ice cream (Wait, you mean even before noon? Of course.)
Fave Vacation Destinations: New York, L.A., and Key West (I already live in New England.)
If I wrote in another genre, it would be: Spy thrillers or romance (They go together, right?)

Kellye Garrett


Fave (Partial) Quote about Life: Be happy with what you have while working for what you want. – Helen Keller (I ignore the second half—So much has been given to me I have no time to ponder over that which has been denied. Probably because I do indeed like to ponder.)
Fave Quote about Writing: I hate writing. I love having written. – Dorothy Parker (I’m the writer who would rather come over and clean your toilet than write.)
Mac or PC: I should say Mac because I used to see the Windows “Blue Screen of Death” more than my own mother. However, I live and die by the “right click” so Windows it is.
Secret Super-power: Cursing like nobody’s business.
If I had to be on a reality show, I’d pick: Real Housewives of Atlanta. Why? Because they’re always eating and their weaves are always on point. Always.

Ellen Byron


Kids and Pets: One 15-year-old daughter and 2 spoiled rescue mutts – a corgi-jack-uahua and a ch-errier.
Turn-ons: Sushi, pasta, pizza, rain, people with a sense of humor.
Turn-offs: Arrogance, bad drivers, coyotes.
Top Item on my Bucket List: Visit the Bronte Parsonage, and walk their paths on the moors. I’m a Bronte fangirl.
I wish I were: 3 inches taller and 20 pounds lighter.

Marla Cooper

CotC Word balloons

Pets: I have a polydactyl cat, which means he has thumbs. He should be able to make us coffee, but so far he’s refused to learn.
Work Attire: Yoga pants and a tee shirt. Or what I call my “executive pajamas,” which are gray pin-stripe and perfect for conference calls.
Last book I read: The Girl on the Train. For once I wanted to read a book while it was popular, instead of waiting until two years after the movie comes out.
Favorite Time-killers: Sudoku, knitting, and plotting world domination.
Random thing I’m excited about: Next week I’m going to British Columbia and we’re going to spend one night on a tugboat.

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