What “Sports” Would Earn the Chicks A Gold Medal?

To celebrate the end of the Summer Games—and perhaps prepare for Tokyo in 2020—the Chicks wanted to share exactly what “sports” would earn us and our main characters a Gold medal. 

Kellye Garrett


As much as I would love to brag that I was really good child gymnast who was an Olympic hopeful, I was not. I did run track. The problem was that I just wasn’t that good at it. So when it comes to Olympics, it would have to be some brand-new category like “most time sitting on a couch without moving,” because I’ve done that for hours while binge-watching Love and Hip Hop. And everyone knows good training is a must to win Olympic Gold. Choosing an Olympic category for my main character would be a lot easier. Day would nail the “100 Meter dash in 4-inch Heels.” There’s even a line in the book when she’s chasing down the bad guy and it’s one of my favorites: I always said I could run in four-inch heels. It was good to know I was right on that front.

Ellen Byron


As someone whose only memorable sports experience was colliding with a friend during a middle school field hockey game and ending up with a slight concussion, it’s hard to imagine me winning a medal for anything except white wine consumption. But if I were to go for the gold, it would be in Disco Dancing, preferably to the best pop song ever written, KC & the Sunshine Band’s “Get Down Tonight.” (Seriously, I love them so much I named my protagonist Kaycee in my first book.)

As to Maggie, my Cajun Country Mysteries protagonist, she’s a lot like me – although not as good a dancer – but for some reason I can see her medaling in Sprints. Basically, the event that ends the quickest. There is a medal for Sprints, isn’t there?

Lisa Q. Mathews

CotC Word balloonsI’m probably more of a Winter Olympics girl, as I was a competitive figure skater way back when. But I also love to swim, so you can sign me up for the pool. You’ll find my sleuths there, too: diving for Summer and synchronized swimming for Dorothy. I could also definitely see Cali girl Summer kicking butt in beach volleyball–until she found out they were actually keeping score.


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