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We’ve got feisty heroines, lots of laughs and lively plots that are sure to keep you guessing. Read on for a sneak peek!

PlantationShuddersSmaller (2)CAJUN COUNTRY MYSTERY SERIES
by Ellen Byron
(Crooked Lane Books)

Life can be murder in quirky Pelican, Louisiana, but native daughter Magnolia “Maggie” Crozat uses her artist’s eye to spot clues and catch killers. This bestselling series, set in a plantation-turned-B&B, serves up mysteries with a spicy Cajun twist.

Book 1: Plantation Shudders
Book 2: Body on the Bayou
Book 3: A Cajun Christmas Killing
Book 4: Mardi Gras Murder

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by Marla Cooper
(Minotaur Books)

You’re cordially invited to come along with destination wedding planner Kelsey McKenna as she juggles bridal parties, police detectives and murder suspects around the globe.

Book 1: Terror in Taffeta
Book 2: Dying on the Vine

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hollywood-homicide_smallerDETECTIVE BY DAY MYSTERIES
by Kellye Garrett
(Midnight Ink)

Actress Dayna Anderson takes on the toughest role of her life: Homicide Detective.

Book 1: Hollywood Homicide
Book 2: Hollywood Ending

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by Lisa Q. Mathews
(Carina Press/Harlequin)

Odd-couple neighbors Summer Smythe, a twenty-something party girl, and Dorothy Westin, a practical senior, team up to solve murders in upscale Southwest Florida—and they may be breaking every sleuthing rule under the sun.

Book 1: Cardiac Arrest
Book 2: Permanently Booked
Book 3: Fashionably Late

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deathcrashesthepartycoverLIV AND DI IN DIXIE MYSTERY SERIES
by Vickie Fee
(Kensington Books)

Sassy Southern cozy series, featuring party planner Liv McKay and best friend Di Souther. When murder crashes the party in their sweet little town, this determined duo tracks down killers—before the party’s over for keeps.

Book 1: Death Crashes the Party
Book 2: It’s Your Party, Die If You Want To
Book 3: One Fete in the Grave
Book 4: Til Death Do Us Party

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semester-of-our-discontentLILA MACLEAN ACADEMIC MYSTERIES
by Cynthia Kuhn
(Henery Press)

A professor with a knack for sleuthing discovers that a little learning can indeed be a dangerous thing.

Book 1: The Semester of Our Discontent

Book 2: The Art of Vanishing
Book 3: The Spirit in Question

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by Leslie Karst
(Crooked Lane Books)

Caught between the world of her family’s old-school Italian eatery and that of the trendy, upscale restaurant she’s just inherited, Sally Solari walks a knife edge, working two jobs and solving murders between shifts.

Book 1: Dying for a Taste
Book 2: A Measure of Murder
Book 3: Death Al Fresco

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