You Give Me (Spring) Fever

With Winter finally saying goodbye, the Chicks share what we’re most looking forward to now that Spring is upon us. 

 Kellye Garrett


I live in New Jersey so I definitely have Spring fever. And I’m most excited just to walk. I’m not talking about idyllic strolls through the park  where I stop to sniff the flowers and enjoy nature. See, I’m part of the cult known as Fitbit (anyone who has a Fitbit or knows someone with a Fitbit is nodding knowingly right now.) I have walked over 5,000 miles, which Fitbit assures me is the length of Africa, in the two years since I got my first Fitbit as a gift (after a year I upgraded to a better model.) My vocabulary consists of phrases like “step goal” and “daily showdown.” Speaking of, one of my niece and nephews first words were Fitbit and when they sit in my lap, they know to automatically tap the watch-looking thing on my wrist to help Auntie check her step count. And so winter has seriously been messing with my daily steps. I have a Workweek Hustle to win.

Ellen Byron


Sadly, I don’t get spring fever in Los Angeles. And I miss it. I’ll never forget that euphoric feeling I had in New York when the bright green baby leaves started appearing on the bare tree branches. These days, what excites me most about Spring is the Malice Domestic Convention. It’s held in Bethesda, Maryland, at the end of April, when Spring is at its most beautiful and Springiest. The thing is, though, I really only experience the blooms of the new season on the ride to and from Dulles Airport because I don’t leave the convention hotel for three days. And this year, I’m flying into National, then hopping on the Metro to Bethesda, so I’ll even miss that. But hey, I can get a great view from the airplane window at takeoff and landing, right? Although…note to self: next year, don’t book evening flights.

 Marla Cooper

CotC Marla Cooper

It’s been raining for two months straight in Northern California. Two months of incessant, soul-drenching, leak-causing, earthworm-surfacing, stir-crazy-making rain. After five years of drought, it was thrilling for a couple of weeks, but now? We’re pretty much over it. I know Spring means a lot more to people for whom parkas and windshield scrapers are a fact of life, but this year, I find myself particularly excited for a new season to begin. I can’t wait to go hiking—which is one of my favorite activities around here. And this year, instead of crossing the dry creek bed, we’ll get to walk alongside roaring rapids. Also? Random flowers are springing up in my garden that have never bothered to bloom. So bring on the Spring fever! And throw in some baby animals and maybe a maypole while you’re at it!

Vickie Fee


March 20 may officially be the first day of Spring. But here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where today’s weather forecast is a high of 10 and a low of 6 degrees, and we’ll likely have some snow into May—it’s just a date on the calendar. I think you can only have Spring fever if it looks like Spring outside your window and you’re stuck indoors. I could have a bit of cabin fever, in which one can feel isolated and stuck inside regardless of the outside temps. Frankly, I’m happy to sit here in my sweater and gaze out the window at the snow as I hear the wind howl.

While some of my friends down South will soon be putting plants in their gardens and most of them will have to start up their lawn mowers before the month is out, I’ll still be putting on boots and gloves and a parka. My warm weather season kicks in closer to what many of you call “summer.” Happy Spring to those of you who celebrate!

 Lisa Q. Mathews

CotC Word balloons

Well, here in New Hampshire we’ve got a ways to go before we start celebrating any Rites of Spring.  The rule in these parts is, don’t even think about planting anything til Memorial Day. And the pretty Spring clothes in the catalogs that flood my mailbox are sadly moot. Regardless of what the Farmer’s Almanac  says, though, my personal Spring officially kicks off on Saint Patrick’s Day—wind, rain, sleet, or snow. Lately, thanks to global warming, I’ve been seeing more green tee shirts and fewer Irish sweaters along the parade route. But hey, Spring is a state of mind—race ya to the beach, Vickie!

Readers, drop us a note in the comments below! What are you most excited about for Spring?

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14 thoughts on “You Give Me (Spring) Fever

  1. Like Ellen, i too live in Los Angeles, the land of the single season. But spring is definitely in the air, the pear blossom’s in bloom, the birds are nesting and my hay fever’s kicked in! A sure sign it’s time to climb out of my writer’s cave and start a new project.

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  2. Here in Colorado, Spring doesn’t really start for me until the ‘mud season’ from all the snow melts is over. We’re in mud season right now, and will probably be getting more snow, but once the lilacs start to bloom, it’s spring!

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  3. Gesundheit, Nancy and Cynthia! I hope the warm temps compensate for your hay fever! It’s currently 7 degrees here in Marquette — but the sun is shining and reflecting brightly off the snow! Celia, I think you can relate to that snow thing. 🙂

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    1. Yep, it’s snowing here again now. Maybe next year we should put our “spring-y” Chicks post a little, later. You know, like June.

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  4. I’m excited about Spring, and I live in Southern CA. I like it being light when I leave work and it still being light when I got out for a run after work. And I love the warmer weather. Yes, I know we don’t have true winter, but we haven’t had a normal number of days in the 70’s and 80’s recently. That, to me, is spring, and I’m looking forward to it.

    But I have to correct Nancy. We do have four seasons here in Southern CA:
    Santa Anna Wind/Fire
    Coolish with a slight chance of rain. Maybe
    Warming up again

    And I’m so glad we are at the warming up again end of the spectrum.

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    1. Ha!! We have a similar breakdown of seasons up in NorCal. And now that I think about it, the East Bay has a different set of seasons than San Francisco. It’s only twenty minutes away, but man, you’d better bring layers!


  5. I remember that wonderful feeling, in Michigan! Now that I’m in Texas, it kind of happens on and off all winter long. Even so, my walk this evening was wonderful and spring DID seem to be in the air, with the addition of more blossoming trees and bushes.

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    1. I’m late to this party, Becky, but I wanted to say: Springtime in Texas is the best! I lived in Austin for fifteen years, and I feel so much envy when I see all the bluebonnet pics on Facebook. Hope you got a good crop this year!

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